What Is The Purpose of The Church?

I am knocking on all the church doors on the worldwide web, I am tickling the brains of all Christians,…as a matter of fact, I am searching all over to find an answer to my question, what is the purpose of the church?

Now, don’t be too hasty with your answers, because I’m tired of the lies! I don’t want to hear that the purpose of the church is to worship God, to study his words, and to pray – those are lies. Neither do I want to hear that the purpose of the church is to help one another, and to love one another because these two are BIGGER lies!!!

Now, you are, or maybe wondering why I’m attacking the church, or you may even be thinking that I’m an atheist. But don’t get it twisted; just read my story.

My Sister and The Church

May 2017 my sister was hospitalized because she was diagnosed with a rear type of cancer that was moving rapidly. and she was given a few weeks to live.

Now, take a trip down memory lane with me to June 2014. I will not stay long.

I visited the United States in June 2014 and stayed with her for a while. I noticed that whenever she collected her wages the first thing she did was to take out her church money…what they call it? dues or tithes? and  put it in a little brown envelope with a happy and pleased countenance.  Quietly, she would place it in the bible while giving thanks to God, then waited eagerly for Sunday morning to deposit it at her church. Believe it or not, she did this every single week for the five months I was with her.

I asked her how long she has been paying tithes to the church, she replied,”long enough.”  I said: “stop paying it!” and she looked at me quizzically but I didn’t utter another word.

I assumed that she continued this routine up to the time she was hospitalized. My assumption was right because I found the book that she recorded all the money she gave to the church…and don’t ask; I’m in shock!!!!! But that is for her church and God to discuss.

Let’s return to May 2017, I will get straight to the point now!

So, there she was in hospital for 2 1/2 months. Church sisters visited like crazy, praying for her recovery (now, I’m laughing as I remember how hard they prayed…this is for another post though).

Anyhow, hospital got tired of my sister because they said that there was nothing more that they could do for her, so she was discharged. But listen to this: My sister had nowhere to go because where she lived had many stairs and due to her back surgery she became helpless and was unable to walk. She had no other immediate family in the United States apart from me, who was just visiting, to assist her.  So she was relying on the church to assist us. In fact she was sure that they would be there for her, so she told me not to worry and I believed and trusted her.

Big mistake!! All the church sisters disappeared, except one! Pastor and his wife? They disappeared too!

I watched as tears rolled down my sister’s face and she looked at me with blood-shot eyes. Slowly shaking her head from left to right, she whispered gentle to me, “Dehan, the church let me down.” I couldn’t cry in her presence, but her pain ripped through my body and I was torn apart!

My sister died September 2017, and buried in October 2017.

I am still waiting on the church that she gave her hard earn cash to ask when is her funeral, or to buy her a wreath, or to send a bible verse, or a letter of condolence to her family, or simply, send some love. But the church is still silent!!!! So, I guess I will be waiting in vain.

Now, if you have just finishing reading this, maybe you can explain to me the purpose of the church so that I can understand. Most of all, I need to know, what is the purpose of the tithe that churches are collecting, shouldn’t it be there to help a brother or a sister in need? I just don’t understand.

What about genuine love that 1st Corinthians 13, speaks about? Didn’t it says: “love never fails?”

Tell me, what is the purpose of the church?



Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

This is so true what Lesley said, “constantly seeing oneself as a victim and complaining about one’s situation is a recipe for disaster. Victims feel powerless and feel helpless to do anything about their situations.”

Healingtheworkplace's Weblog

This famous quote by Mahatma Maghandi is one of my favorites. In essence Ghandi is telling us to step up and take responsibility. I think this quote speaks to the leader in all of us. And yet…so many people feel powerless to make changes in their places of work.

Over and over again I hear competent, intelligent, experienced people complain about bad bosses, co-workers who won’t pull their weight, restrictive policies and procedures, lack of information, bullying, lack of trust, and feelings of powerlessness.

Surely it doesn’t have to be this way?

What is really tragic is that many of these people LOVE the work that they do but hate the places that they work in. I have friends who have quit their jobs or taken early retirement because they could see no other way out.

One fellow worked as a professional engineer for the federal government. Toward the end of his…

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This is the Future Of Work -LinkedIn

I found this interesting PowerPoint presentation on LinkedIn. It is thought provoking and insightful so I’m sharing it with you. I encourage everyone to take a look at this presentation if you haven’t seen it before. It gives an insight as to how the workplace will operate in the future when robots are in total control. Hmmm…


PowerPoint Credit: Arturapelayo.com


Does Your Choice of Friends Represents Who You Are?

If you are a sheep and you live in a pig pen, does it mean that you are a pig? Would you behave like a pig? Eat like a pig? And wobble in mud like a pig?
Now tell me, is this saying “show me your company and I’ll tell you who you are,” true?
Sometimes we will we find ourselves in the company of people that others believe are “not good enough.” But this does not mean that we are “not good enough” because we can be in their company for a purpose.
As for me, I am always surrounded by people whose behavior and life style is out of order. This does not mean that I have a disorderly conduct.
When I am with them, I use my voice of inspiration to help them make a positive change. After-all, they are the ones, who need inspiration and motivation the most.
Let us not assume or judge anyone because of their choice of friends. A person choice of friends does not always represent the person they are.
What do you think?
Have a great weekend!

What it’s Really Like to Be Homeless: From an Educated Woman’s Point of View

It can happen to anyone of us… I was the kind of person who went into a fast-food place and ordered two hamburgers; one for myself, and one for the woman sitting on the sidewalk outside. I was the one who made sandwiches for the guy who went through the dumpster outside my apartment. I was the girl who, when I was about to go on some crazy new diet, would clean out my entire kitchen of food, and take it to the homeless guys next to 7-11 down the street…


We’ve all been exposed the seemingly growing population of homeless people, wherever we go. From small towns to big cities, they seem to be everywhere now. As we rush off to our jobs or appointments, we see them sleeping on bus benches, wandering around aimlessly on the streets, and panhandling in front of what seems to be every establishment we enter. We’re amazed (and sometimes amused) by how dirty and disheveled a human being can allow themselves to get. We might even be humored by watching someone carry on a lively conversation with themselves, although we are not completely oblivious to the fact that they suffer from a serious mental illness. It’s also not difficult to reason that some of them have an obvious substance abuse problem. They come in all different ages and colors; some are teenagers with purple hair and tattoos, some are old men with decades of…

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Are You A Confident Woman?

A confident and positive woman

Are You A Confident Woman?

I have never met a woman who is uncertain of herself. As a matter of fact, every woman will be quick to answer “yes, I am confident.” But why not? They have every right to say so, if they believe so.

However, I thought about some character traits that would make up a confident woman, and came up with 15.

Here they are:

15 character traits of a confident woman

  1. She emits positive energy and attracts people to her.
  2. She walks and speaks with authority.
  3. She believes in her abilities and does not allow others to determine her destiny.
  4. She knows when to walk away and when to stand up.
  5. She is fill with life and laughter.
  6. She speaks about love everywhere she goes.
  7. She cannot help but to be genuine and kindhearted to others.
  8. She is admired and respected.
  9. People look up to her as a source of inspiration.
  10. She is always satisfied with what she has and she uses what she has best as she can.
  11. She sees life as an adventure rather than a burden.
  12. She loves people and she understands their pain and is always willing to help.
  13. She smiles through her sorrows because she knows that a sunrise brings a new day.
  14. She is responsible and she does not play the blame game.
  15. She eliminates the word can’t from her vocabulary because she is always willing to try.

Are you a confident woman?






Faraway From Me

Faraway From Me

Just like that you left

and I keep searching

looking for you

searching for that land

imagining that world

staring in the distance

where you’ve gone

and then I wonder to myself

if it’s faraway.

Is it far across the sea?

or is it up above the galaxy?

to know your secret place

to see your missing face

would be so heavenly to me

but you have gone


faraway from me…

(In remembrance of my brother, may his soul RIP)





5 Important Things That You Should Do In 2017

Here are 5 simple tips that we need to bear in mind as we travel throughout 2017. If you are serious to make this year a year for you, then you will find these simple actions important. So here they are…

1. Stop trying to please others: you cannot please everyone so stop playing hero. Furthermore, no matter how hard you try some people will still not be satisfied, and they will still have bad things to say about you. Focus on your goals and aspirations, instead of focusing on a life to please the world. Live your life the way you see it fit, and be happy with it.

2. Stop carrying people’s burden: why are you doing this? Continue reading 5 Important Things That You Should Do In 2017

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