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5 Important Things That You Should Do In 2017

Here are 5 simple tips that we need to bear in mind as we travel throughout 2017. If you are serious to make this year a year for you, then you will find these simple actions important. So here they are…

1. Stop trying to please others: you cannot please everyone so stop playing hero. Furthermore, no matter how hard you try some people will still not be satisfied, and they will still have bad things to say about you. Focus on your goals and aspirations, instead of focusing on a life to please the world. Live your life the way you see it fit, and be happy with it.

2. Stop carrying people’s burden: why are you doing this? Continue reading 5 Important Things That You Should Do In 2017


4 Reasons Why You Should Sow Positive Seeds

Watch Your Thoughts

What seeds are you sowing?

I recently read an article at  hrawakening.com and was captivated by this statement, “Our thoughts and the environmental inputs we allow ourselves to be exposed to, are like seeds being planted in our consciousness.”

I want you to read that statement again and don’t take it lightly because it is true. We need to be careful of the seeds we sow; the thoughts that we feed our minds with. Tell me, what seeds are you sowing? Did you know that it’s easier for you to root up the thoughts that are positive and uplifting from your mind in order to sow negative seeds? Yes it is!

I know that it’s not easy to focus on the positives all the time, but if we are determine, we can stop sowing negative seeds and start to sow positive ones. This can be done if we start to focus on positive thinking each day.

So, if you are sowing negative seeds, I am now giving you 4 solid reasons why you should stop, and start sowing positive seeds. Continue reading 4 Reasons Why You Should Sow Positive Seeds

Why Are You So Blue?


Come on, it can’t be all that bad! Get up and shake yourself up, get happy, smile, laugh like you are crazy..don’t you see it’s Christmas? Stop worrying, stop stressing, stop thinking about things you have no control over…just let go and live! Hey you, just remember that this is the only life you know…the only one you have!

So You Are Feeling Blue?

Did you read my post about How Do You Wear Your World? If not, you need to read it now! Ever since I wrote that post I stop stressing myself, especially over silly things, and start wearing my world like a loose garment. I want to be free! I can’t be bothered to be all choked up inside to the extent that I can’t breathe. Me….I don’t want to die at all…no way, not at all.

It feels so good to smile with the rising sun knowing that God has blessed me with a brand new day. A day I can choose to do what ever I want. So today I choose to infect anyone that passes my way with my smile.

So why are you so blue today? It’s not nice to insult your creator by complaining and feeling all sad and blue when he has given you everything you need to create your own joy and happiness.

Come on….get a hold of yourself and get up out of your little corner because that little stressful corner cannot do anything positive for you. Go out and let the wind brush your cheek, go out and smell the rain, look up in the sky and let the serenity captivate your soul.

Just get up and do something…anything that will make you smile!


Open Your Eyes And Look

Goodness of God

“When I think of the goodness of Jesus and what he has done for me, my heart cries out hallelujah, thank God for his saving grace…”

When I was a child I used to sing this song quite often at Sunday school. But did I really understood what it meant? Not at all! I just sang because the rhythm was sweet, and I could get to dance.

Today, I was singing this song and realized that I was singing it with a different attitude and a more graceful dance. Today, I was singing and dancing with real meaning and deep appreciation. Appreciation for the beauty of his earth, and appreciation for having friends like you.

You see, when I am on the down low and darkness surrounds me he always reminds me of who he is by sending me sunshine to light up my heart and friends to lift up my spirit with words of inspiration and kindness.

Furthermore, when my heart is overflowing with sadness he sends me his love in more ways than one. Yes indeed, God is good, and his loving kindness is extended to everyone on this earth because his love is not partial.

Friends let us be reminded that we are surrounded by the goodness of God everywhere we turn so let us open our eyes and look, then praise him for it!


The Truth About a Woman’s Worth


Every Thursday I randomly select a post to re-blog that deals with real issues, and the author is not afraid to tell it like it is.  For today’s real talk Ashlie who blogs at thesingleliferealtalk shares with us a powerful message on the truth of a woman’s worth. Please show her some love by visiting her blog, read and comment. Thank you as usual for your support.

For last week’s real talk we spoke about people who were ungrateful and their attitude. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, it’s not too late. Please read it here!

The Single Life: REAL TALK

What really determines the value of a woman worth nowadays? Is it the quality of hair she has on her head? It is the brand or colored bottom heels she wears on her feet? Is it the average amount of likes she can get on the pics she posts on fb?

Those are all nice, have good monetary value and can help support a woman’s ego or vain confidence level, but the truth is, all of those things are external, temporary and really hold no weight to the foundation of a woman’s worth. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love hair, clothes, shoes and all that stuff too. But, I have come to learn that those “things” don’t define or determine my worth and value as a woman. As women, our worth and value is not determined by how we look or any external factors.

| So, if those external things don’t define…

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