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Close The Fridge Door

Is It Easy To Change Unhealthy Behavior?

Have you ever opened your refrigerator and didn’t know why? So, the refrigerator door is open and you are standing there peeping and craving for the things that you know are bad for you – things that you promised yourself not to eat!

You are not alone. It happens to all of us even when we are not hungry.

It’s a habit.

But it’s an unhealthy habit and unhealthy habits are not so easy to change.

There’s no need to worry because even if we are highly motivated, it is always hard for us to adopt healthy habits. It’s when we seriously realize that we are causing harm to either our physical or mental health, is when we will want to initiate changes.

But wanting to change and making those changes is always easier said than done.

However, let’s not get discouraged!

Experts who have studied unhealthy behavioral changes found out that it is quite easy to change. They said that self-motivation is the most effective behavioral change mechanism.

And, changing our way of thinking is also important for us to make the changes necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from being self-motivated, and changing our way of thinking, they also added that identifying and acknowledging what we are doing wrong is the very first step towards a healthy living.

When we can stop being in denial about our bad habits and we can truly acknowledge that:

  • yes, what I am doing is unhealthy,”
  • yes, I need to stop what I am doing,”
  • yes, I need a change,”

then we will begin our journey towards recovery.

Once we truly understand that we are in control of our lifestyle and that we are responsible for our circumstances, then we will start asking ourselves thought-provoking questions – and it is the answers to these questions that will motivate change.

So, is it easy to change our unhealthy behavior?

The answer is yes.

All we need to do is ask God for his guidance, believe in ourselves, and work towards the change we need.

Remember most of all that prayer works! And keep that fridge door close!


What Life Would Be Like If We Live More Like Water?


Be Water

No matter what form water takes, it is still water. Water is present everywhere and it enjoys each and every moment. This is why I often wonder what life would be like if we live more like water.

For example:

  • Water goes around any obstacle that’s in its way.
  • Water doesn’t stop to argue, it has no time
  • Water goes with the flow, it is adaptable
  • Water is gentle and easy
  • Water has its own kind of power 

Nothing can stop water from flowing – nothing at all.

Just like water, let us not allow obstacles to stop us from moving forward. Let us find ways to go around our obstacles and pursue the desires of our hearts.

Water has no time to stop and argue. It just continues flowing without any disturbances. Just like water, let us not argue. Instead, let us walk away from arguments. Getting involve in arguments is a total waste of valuable time.

How about going with the flow? Let us not complicate our lives by overthinking or dwelling on the past. Let us keep on going with the flow, just like water.

Water is gentle and easy.  Let us maintain a gentle and easy spirit, just like water.

Water is powerful. You have your own kind of power,  just like water. That power is within you. Just search deep down within your soul and you shall find it.

Now, can you imagine what life would be like if we:

  • find ways around our obstacles
  • stop arguing
  • stop overthinking
  • have a gentle spirit
  • utilize our power

and live more like water? Imagine it…



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5 Simple Things That Make Life Beautiful

Simple Living

You’ve heard it a million times and more, that “the best things in life are for free” – and that’s no joke! As I lay in bed writing this beautiful weekend greeting for you, I’m feeling so happy and free! Most of all I’m feeling blessed!

Blessed because the soft morning breeze is caressing my skin and is making my heart dance. See, simple things are so beautiful.

So, to take you into the weekend I’m sharing with you these 5 simple things that can make your life beautiful…let’s begin!

  • Quenching your thirst 
  • Laughing until you cry
  • Watching the full moon 
  • Cuddling in the rain
  • Smelling Sunday dinner

Go ahead, add some more to the list. I’m sure that you have found beauty in some of the simple things in life, feel free to share with others.

This weekend, whatever you do, enjoy yourself. Stop thinking about the week that is gone – that’s the past.

Relax in the present and wait for the future.

Remember to keep it simple, life is beautiful!

Have a Happy Weekend!


Be Gentle With Yourself

Be gentle to yourself

When last have you stopped to take care of your physical needs?

When last have you truly breathed?

When last have you sit for a day to meditate on what really matters?

When last have you say to yourself, “I love you?”

When last were you gentle with yourself?

You have only you so take time out and be gentle with yourself.

Will you?


4 Reasons Why We Should Sow Positive Seeds

Positive seeds (1)

What seeds are you sowing?

I recently read an article about sowing positive seeds and was captivated by this statement:

“Our thoughts and the environmental inputs we allow ourselves to be exposed to, are like seeds being planted in our consciousness.”

Read it again! 

We must be careful of the thoughts that consume our minds because they will become seeds and grow.

And believe it or not, negative seeds are easier to grow root within us than positive seeds.

Yes, I know that it is not easy to focus on the positives at all times but if we train our minds to identify negative thoughts as they surface, we will be able to disregard them quickly and focus on the positives.

There are many splendid reasons why we should always try to sow positive seeds, but for now, let us take a look at 4 solid reasons. Continue reading 4 Reasons Why We Should Sow Positive Seeds

How Can We Live a Positive Life?

Positive living begins when we take responsibility for our actions and seek God's help to change our ways (1)
Photo by Jason Hafso on Unsplash

To live a positive life we must decide to change our ways and to take responsibility for our actions without blaming others –  that’s the beginning of change.

But we need God’s intervention for a successful change. So let us seek his help and his guidance through prayer.

Prayer works!

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to pray not only for yourself but for others too.

If you want to bless others feel free to share this post – it might help in some way or another, we never can tell!

xoxo ~Dehan

Love is Enough


Do you know why I celebrate Valentines Day every day? Because LOVE is all that I have to give and my love is enough for the 365 days of the year. It’s bubbling over, and I just can’t keep it to myself.

If love is all that you have to give, every day of your life can be Valentine’s day too.

Our Love is always enough.

When we have genuine love for people, no matter what their race or status is, we will always have something to give:

  • a smile
  • encouragement
  • support
  • advise

When we have love, we have everything and every day can be Valentine’s Day!