DSC_4647 (3)Let me welcome you once more…

This is me…A lady who lives each moment from her own inspiration and not from the desire to please others…

I’m a true believer in Love and Love begins with me. For this reason I use the opportunities that life has given me to share and spread love in many different ways and to whomever I can.

My aim for this website is to help just one person through my daily writing to reach his/her potential or to change his/her negative way of thinking. I want that person to see, feel, and appreciate the beauty of the world that was given to him/her and the many opportunities that are waiting out there.

 Of course, I would love to reach out to more than one but hey if one person each day can say because of Dehan I did so and so, then at the end of the year I would have made 365 persons change their lives for the better, and that’s enough.

Now, go ahead and read my first post Don’t Be Afraid Of Fear, as time goes by you will learn more and more about me.

Nothing in life is impossible; absolutely nothing!

Dehan #oneloVe



the sun always shines

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