What Life Would Be Like If We Live More Like Water?


Be Water

No matter what form water takes, it is still water. Water is present everywhere and it enjoys each and every moment. This is why I often wonder what life would be like if we live more like water.

For example:

  • Water goes around any obstacle that’s in its way.
  • Water doesn’t stop to argue, it has no time
  • Water goes with the flow, it is adaptable
  • Water is gentle and easy
  • Water has its own kind of power 

Nothing can stop water from flowing – nothing at all.

Just like water, let us not allow obstacles to stop us from moving forward. Let us find ways to go around our obstacles and pursue the desires of our hearts.

Water has no time to stop and argue. It just continues flowing without any disturbances. Just like water, let us not argue. Instead, let us walk away from arguments. Getting involve in arguments is a total waste of valuable time.

How about going with the flow? Let us not complicate our lives by overthinking or dwelling on the past. Let us keep on going with the flow, just like water.

Water is gentle and easy.  Let us maintain a gentle and easy spirit, just like water.

Water is powerful. You have your own kind of power,  just like water. That power is within you. Just search deep down within your soul and you shall find it.

Now, can you imagine what life would be like if we:

  • find ways around our obstacles
  • stop arguing
  • stop overthinking
  • have a gentle spirit
  • utilize our power

and live more like water? Imagine it…



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18 thoughts on “What Life Would Be Like If We Live More Like Water?”

  1. motivational i always loved the quote of bruce lee that just be like water and yeah this post reminds me of it water is really refreshing

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  2. I love to hear the sound of water. Therefore, I listen. I make it my business to listen as I walk through life in general. I love to talk, and I love to listen to other people to talk, to laugh, to breathe. Water just flows and to me makes beautiful sounds. I love to communicate too. It is my hope that I am filling the world with beautiful sounds…like water!

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