Are You A Confident Woman?

Confident Woman

I have never met a woman who is uncertain of herself. As a matter of fact, every woman will be quick to answer “yes, I am confident.” But why not? They have every right to say so, if they believe so.

However, I thought about some character traits that would make up a confident woman, and came up with 15.

Here they are:

15 character traits of a confident woman

  1. She emits positive energy and attracts people to her.
  2. She walks and speaks with authority.
  3. She believes in her abilities and does not allow others to determine her destiny.
  4. She knows when to walk away and when to stand up.
  5. She is fill with life and laughter.
  6. She speaks about love everywhere she goes.
  7. She cannot help but to be genuine and kindhearted to others.
  8. She is admired and respected.
  9. People look up to her as a source of inspiration.
  10. She is always satisfied with what she has and she uses what she has best as she can.
  11. She sees life as an adventure rather than a burden.
  12. She loves people and she understands their pain and is always willing to help.
  13. She smiles through her sorrows because she knows that a sunrise brings a new day.
  14. She is responsible and she does not play the blame game.
  15. She eliminates the word can’t from her vocabulary because she is always willing to try.

Are you a confident woman?







48 thoughts on “Are You A Confident Woman?”

  1. Well, I am not a confident woman, but I am a confident man? Would be interesting to hear your 15 reasons a man is confident? I actually, enjoyed reading this it made me reflect on my wife. -Bruce

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww Bruce, you have just given me an idea for a new post, thank you. It’s very wonderful to know that this article made you reflect on your confident wife; very nice!
      Blessings my friend…
      xoxo Dehan


  2. This is absolutely genius! Not quite sure how I just now found it, but let me tell you… I smiled the entire time I was reading it!
    I actually just started my own blog recently and am still in the process of making everything just right. This just was total confirmation for me.
    Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!
    XOXOXO, Caitlin

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