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Close The Fridge Door

Is It Easy To Change Unhealthy Behavior?

Have you ever opened your refrigerator and didn’t know why? So, the refrigerator door is open and you are standing there peeping and craving for the things that you know are bad for you – things that you promised yourself not to eat!

You are not alone. It happens to all of us even when we are not hungry.

It’s a habit.

But it’s an unhealthy habit and unhealthy habits are not so easy to change.

There’s no need to worry because even if we are highly motivated, it is always hard for us to adopt healthy habits. It’s when we seriously realize that we are causing harm to either our physical or mental health, is when we will want to initiate changes.

But wanting to change and making those changes is always easier said than done.

However, let’s not get discouraged!

Experts who have studied unhealthy behavioral changes found out that it is quite easy to change. They said that self-motivation is the most effective behavioral change mechanism.

And, changing our way of thinking is also important for us to make the changes necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from being self-motivated, and changing our way of thinking, they also added that identifying and acknowledging what we are doing wrong is the very first step towards a healthy living.

When we can stop being in denial about our bad habits and we can truly acknowledge that:

  • yes, what I am doing is unhealthy,”
  • yes, I need to stop what I am doing,”
  • yes, I need a change,”

then we will begin our journey towards recovery.

Once we truly understand that we are in control of our lifestyle and that we are responsible for our circumstances, then we will start asking ourselves thought-provoking questions – and it is the answers to these questions that will motivate change.

So, is it easy to change our unhealthy behavior?

The answer is yes.

All we need to do is ask God for his guidance, believe in ourselves, and work towards the change we need.

Remember most of all that prayer works! And keep that fridge door close!



I Have the Guts To Be Who I Really Am, Do You?


Every Thursday I randomly select a post to re-blog that deals with real issues. This week we join Martha as she speaks about who she really is. Please show her some love by visiting her blog, read and comment. Thank you as usual for your support.

Martha L Shaw - Poet, Writer, Author, Artist

Seriously, do you?  Do you really?  You don’t have to answer out loud.  Most people won’t.  I know.  I’ve spent most of my life being looked at strangely.  Why?  Because I don’t cavein.  Most people who have put me down made caving in and doing what others expected into an art form.

 I don’t much care if you think I’m ugly.  I don’t think I am.  I sure do not care if you think working hard is for fools.  Shoot, if that’s the definition of a fool, I’m proud of it.  As a kid, there were plenty of people my age running away from home.  I never even considered it.  I loved my family.  I had friends who were fun to be with.  Know what?  They loved my family as well.  They loved to be at my house. 

There were always people more popular…

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Fake Christians — Blessed Chaos


Lately, I’ve been told many heartbreaking experiences from those who were in a Christian church but ended up turning away from the church, scripture, and God because of how those around them, Christians, treated them “based on the Bible.” When God’s word is used to put other’s down, belittle, hurt, and leave someone not feeling […]

via Fake Christians — Blessed Chaos

Every Thursday I randomly select a post to re-blog that deals with real issues. For today’s Real Talk Tiffany who blogs at tiffanysblessedchaos  voice her concern about Christians who are fake. Please show her some love by visiting her blog, read and comment. Thank you as usual for your support.

The Truth About a Woman’s Worth


Every Thursday I randomly select a post to re-blog that deals with real issues, and the author is not afraid to tell it like it is.  For today’s real talk Ashlie who blogs at thesingleliferealtalk shares with us a powerful message on the truth of a woman’s worth. Please show her some love by visiting her blog, read and comment. Thank you as usual for your support.

For last week’s real talk we spoke about people who were ungrateful and their attitude. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, it’s not too late. Please read it here!

Real Talk-Ungrateful People

real-talk-thursday-4Chatterboxes, hypocrites, ungrateful people, conniving people, backbiters, deceivers, ( and the list goes on) are some very dangerous people to be around and they should be avoided. The ungrateful ones however, are the most dangerous ones from the experiences I have had with them.

What I love most about them is the pretentious amnesic syndrome that they love to display. Oh boy, these people are such users and will do anything to get what they want.

They will come to you with tear-stained faces, brokenhearted and helpless, and you put out your best and even go out of your way just so you can assist them but at the end of the day…they forget! They forget and pretend as though they did it all on their own. And their forgetfulness hurts; especially if it’s being handed down by a family member or a very close friend. Continue reading Real Talk-Ungrateful People

Real Talk


For this week’s Real Talk Operation Torchlight wrote a very truthful, powerful, and thought provoking message about how fake the world is and how it’s falling apart.
You all need to read this! It’s real and no beating around the bush!

NB: If you missed last week’s real talk you can read it here.

Real Talk: You Chose Him — A Thomas Point of View

Can we get real for a moment? Have real talk? Discuss something that’s been on my mind for a minute. Okay, here goes… Girl, you chose him! Stop acting like the man that you laid down with and had a baby with is unfit to see his dang child. Was he unfit when you were […]

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Why Does The Wicked Prosper, despite their wicked ways?


Some people have everything they wish for despite their wickedness.

What a pity!

And it seems as though they live a life without pain, without heartaches and without struggles, despite their wickedness.

Yes their lives seem perfect! They have everything their hearts desire, despite their wickedness.

And then we wonder why God allow these people to prosper, while you and I who are trying to live a virtuous and righteous life have to struggle hard for everything. Continue reading Why Does The Wicked Prosper, despite their wicked ways?

Poor People: 5 Awesome Things About Them

I have met many beautiful people throughout my life but the most generous, humble, jovial, courageous and caring ones I have ever met are those that are very poor.

From my encounter with them, I have grown to love and admire their courage and these are 5 awesome things I have learnt about them: Continue reading Poor People: 5 Awesome Things About Them

Beauty Comes In Different Forms

Beauty comes in many different forms

The sun is beautiful, a full moon is beautiful, and the stars are also beautiful. But all three of them are beautiful in their own way and shine differently.

Likewise people. Everyone is beautiful in their own way so do not pass judgement about anyone’s character before getting to know them.

True beauty lies within a person and unless we get to speak with them, know their thoughts and what makes them tick, then we have no right to decide that he/she is not a beautiful person.

The bible tells us that “people judge from outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.” 1st Samuel 16:7

Let us not be concern about external looks but try to accept and get to know each other before passing judgement.

Also, we should try to cultivate our own characters instead of worrying about our external beauty. Let us work on our internal beauty and clothe ourselves with the beauty of a loving and quiet spirit, which will be precious to God.

Everyone is more than what we see or what we may think…