Close The Fridge Door

Is It Easy To Change Unhealthy Behavior?

Have you ever opened your refrigerator and didn’t know why? So, the refrigerator door is open and you are standing there peeping and craving for the things that you know are bad for you – things that you promised yourself not to eat!

You are not alone. It happens to all of us even when we are not hungry.

It’s a habit.

But it’s an unhealthy habit and unhealthy habits are not so easy to change.

There’s no need to worry because even if we are highly motivated, it is always hard for us to adopt healthy habits. It’s when we seriously realize that we are causing harm to either our physical or mental health, is when we will want to initiate changes.

But wanting to change and making those changes is always easier said than done.

However, let’s not get discouraged!

Experts who have studied unhealthy behavioral changes found out that it is quite easy to change. They said that self-motivation is the most effective behavioral change mechanism.

And, changing our way of thinking is also important for us to make the changes necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from being self-motivated, and changing our way of thinking, they also added that identifying and acknowledging what we are doing wrong is the very first step towards a healthy living.

When we can stop being in denial about our bad habits and we can truly acknowledge that:

  • yes, what I am doing is unhealthy,”
  • yes, I need to stop what I am doing,”
  • yes, I need a change,”

then we will begin our journey towards recovery.

Once we truly understand that we are in control of our lifestyle and that we are responsible for our circumstances, then we will start asking ourselves thought-provoking questions – and it is the answers to these questions that will motivate change.

So, is it easy to change our unhealthy behavior?

The answer is yes.

All we need to do is ask God for his guidance, believe in ourselves, and work towards the change we need.

Remember most of all that prayer works! And keep that fridge door close!