4 Reasons Why We Should Sow Positive Seeds

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What seeds are you sowing?

I recently read an article about sowing positive seeds and was captivated by this statement:

“Our thoughts and the environmental inputs we allow ourselves to be exposed to, are like seeds being planted in our consciousness.”

Read it again! 

We must be careful of the thoughts that consume our minds because they will become seeds and grow.

And believe it or not, negative seeds are easier to grow root within us than positive seeds.

Yes, I know that it is not easy to focus on the positives at all times but if we train our minds to identify negative thoughts as they surface, we will be able to disregard them quickly and focus on the positives.

There are many splendid reasons why we should always try to sow positive seeds, but for now, let us take a look at 4 solid reasons.

4 Reasons why we should sow positive seeds

  • We will see everything as a possibility and the little things in life will not get us down.
  • We will achieve our desires and aspirations. 
  • We will focus on our journey and we will realize that external forces cannot prevent us from reaching our destinations.
  • We will stop wasting valuable energy on things that make us miserable but rather focus on things that make us happy.

Let us remember that, the seeds that we sow will germinate, mature and live inside of us.

Furthermore, as we all know, what we sow is what we shall reap.

So, what seeds will you start sowing today?

xoxo ~ Dehan


47 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why We Should Sow Positive Seeds”

  1. This is a great post and takes work daily especially for the pessimistic mind. Forcing those thoughts to expect the best creates hope and things to look forward to even when what can be seen with the naked eye reflects otherwise. Nice!😊

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  2. Hello taylor, all I can say about your posts is they are helping me heal! Good work taylor! I hope everyone out there who needs a hand get some overwhelming motivation like you

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    1. Awww…you have touched me. I am happy that you are finding my posts helpful ruhforsoul, thank you.
      Now, when I write I shall think about you. Be blessed, be happy, be strong…#onelove

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    1. Yes, it is very important that our thoughts are positive because as you said, great results can be obtained from positive thoughts. Thank you Brooke for your input, I really appreciate it.

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  3. Agree with every word. Sometimes of course it is hard to concentrate on positive things when everything is going not very good but I should try it in my mind. Great and positive post!

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  4. Great message! Thanks for sharing!

    I learned this from listening to old Jim Rohn talks. He said something like… The mind is like a garden with very fertile soil. Anything will grow in that soil. Be careful what seeds you plant and be sure to tend the garden so it’s not overgrown with weeds.

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