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Practice Compassion and Gratitude

practice compassion and gratitude

Let us practice compassion and gratitude so that we will be more loving, caring, patient, calm, and of course, more optimistic.



Today We Are Thankful

Today we pray (4)

Sometimes we have to stop what we are doing, and give God thanks for all that he has done for us. Despite what some people might think, we cannot do nothing by ourselves unless God permits it.

So let us make it a point of duty to give him all the praises; he deserves it!

Have a Happy Weekend!

xoxo ~ Dehan

No Regrets/Happy New Year 2017

I can hear the roosters crowing in my backyard and I am smiling because maybe it is the last time that I will hear them crowing for 2016. Maybe it’s my last smile too for 2016, who can tell?

Anyhow, I have no regrets about 2016, and I have no resolutions for 2017. I will just continue walking on the road that I was on in 2016, and continue removing the heavy obstacles from my pathway as I travel along my journey. Continue reading No Regrets/Happy New Year 2017

Day 7: Seven Days of Thankfulness — A Thomas Point of View

Today is Thanksgiving and my last day of thankfulness. What am I thankful for today? Each and everyone of you. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for following me. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for engaging me. Thank you for friendships that have developed and questions answered. I wish each and everyone […]

via Day 7: Seven Days of Thankfulness — A Thomas Point of View

Are You Aware Of The Beauty In Your Life?

Quote about life and beauty

When you truly learn to appreciate the beauty of your life you will notice that your life will improve.

There are thousands of things that surround us and for which we should be grateful …we just need to look.




Here are 11 Opportunities That Life Has Given To Us

Grateful Quote

11 Opportunities Of Life

Sometimes we need to take a moment to reflect and appreciate the opportunities that life has given to us because without these opportunities we could not be the person we are today.

Here are 11 opportunities that life has given to us and we should be grateful for them: Continue reading Here are 11 Opportunities That Life Has Given To Us

FRIENDS – they are out there

If you desire more friends, begin by being a good friend to others

There are truly some very genuine and loving people in this world. I’ve met a few this weekend at Jacqueline’s  and Etta’s blog parties and they were awesome indeed.

By the way, these party are still going on so I would suggest you run over to mix and mingle, meet some new friends, eat, drink and dance!

Here are the party venues:

Jacqueline’s Party

Etta’s Party Continue reading FRIENDS – they are out there

A crown of glory

Gray hair is a crown of gloryit is gained from livinga Godly life.

Yesterday as I was combing my mother’s hair, I couldn’t help but to snap a picture of her crown of glory.

I had no intention of posting this picture. But something in me keeps telling me that if I love it I should show it.

I pray that I may live to have this crown of glory so that my grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren will have the opportunity to snap a picture of my hair one day.

I give thanks to the Almighty for the strength he has given to her and all the mothers and grandmothers out there that has a crown of glory.

May he continue to bless them with his everlasting love and give them peace continually.

That’s it!



Thank You


Greetings to all my 34 followers. Please don’t say just 34. That will crushed my spirit because it’s a big deal coming from 1. 

Thank you all for following me on this new journey. It’s a very young journey but slowly and surely I’m getting there. I’m also learning from each one of you and I am applying all the lessons learned to make my blogging more heavenly! Oops heavenly? Can I say that?

Thanks James Patmore, you made me laugh in your post explanation when you said your blog is for ages 14-16 and if we are older we already knew everything that you will be talking about. You are wrong we can learn from the young too, don’t you think?

Thanks Tikeetha T, I really enjoyed reading your post, back down memory lane. I’m so guilty of visiting that lane, it must be tired of me by now. Interesting post Tikeetha.

Jacqueline, Jacqueline, did you hear me call you? I called your name twice oh! What’s cooking? You are an inspiration. I love all your posts., especially your midnight motivations and musings. You go girl.

Antonio Wesley I bet you didn’t realize that you were my first follower…Yes you were. You were the first one who placed determination in my soul! I love your article things we say when giving advice, it had some very useful information. You know I will continue visiting your blog for sure.

Thank you Sohini. You brought me alive also with your pen and paper. I love all those books on your website header image. I tried to follow your post on making diy-bookmarks but it wasn’t as beautiful as yours…

Yes my friends! From my heart to yours thank you, thank you and thank you!

I love you all.

I now sign out with a quotation from me:

Rejoice when your soul sings and if you find wings fly too…Dehan