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Real Talk


For this week’s Real Talk Operation Torchlight wrote a very truthful, powerful, and thought provoking message about how fake the world is and how it’s falling apart.
You all need to read this! It’s real and no beating around the bush!

NB: If you missed last week’s real talk you can read it here.


Will You Be There When Good Luck Knocks?

I couldn’t help but to laugh when I saw this quote:

“My luck is so bad, if I bought a cemetery people would stop dying.” ~Unknown Author

If only I knew the author of this quote I would encourage him/her to purchase that cemetery so that we all enjoy a taste of good luck. After-all, who wants to die?

Anyhow, on a serious note now…please tell me:

Have you ever felt that you are in bad luck or otherwise bad lucky?

How many times have you heard others complaining about how bad lucky they are?

Maybe quite often you have heard people complaining that no matter what they try to do in life things never work out. Some will even go as far as to say that someone is trying to keep them down and people don’t want to see them strife.

What a pity!

The truth is, unpredictable things do happen that can change the results of what we intended to do or achieve. Furthermore, what we must bear in mind is that we can only plan but it is God that has the final say.

He alone knows what is good or bad for us. The things our heart desires may not be his will.

And let me tell you, when it’s your time to shine no-one can stop you. Things can be going wrong in your life, or rather you can be in bad luck, and then one day out of the blue…Bam! good luck knocks on your door.

So if you are feeling bad lucky don’t give up and don’t lay down all arms. You have to be patient, and keep on pushing so that when good luck arrives you are ready to receive it. Image result for bad luck phrases



Make Every Day A Valentine’s Day


No, it’s not Valentine’s day! But if love is all that you have to give, well every day can be Valentine’s day. Isn’t that marvelous?

And the greatest thing is that you don’t need to buy any special gifts!

Your love is enough!

When you have genuine love for everyone around you and I mean EVERYONE no matter what color, race or creed; you will always have something to give. And I’m speaking about things that money can’t buy.

For example:

  • a smile
  • encouragement
  • support
  • advise

and the list goes on…

When you have love… you have everything and every day can be a Valentine’s Day!


Do You Appreciate The Effort Of Others?


Often times we tend to believe that we are the only ones who are good at doing something, and if it is not done the way we think it should, then it is no good at all.

Why is this so? Could it be because we are little bit controlling? Or is it that we are simple control freaks?

The truth of the fact is that everyone is good in their own way, and everyone does things differently. Their ways might not be the way we think it should be done but at the end of the day most results are the same.

Take for example the task of making a bed; in my opinion there is no right way to make a bed, there are just different ways. Likewise, there is no right way to tidy a house, there are just different ways. What do you think? Continue reading Do You Appreciate The Effort Of Others?

What’s Your Story?

Day #2 of the 3 days quote challenge

Image result for maya angelou quotes

Never be afraid to tell your story because you can never tell the tremendous things it may do. The stories that we keep locked away might very well be the ones that will motivate or inspire people to turn their lives around.

Moreover, our untold stories are too much an agony to bear inside. Let us unleash them and share them with the world.

I’m no expert but I can tell my story is a post written by Nicky in which she shared the reason why she started her blog. See, we all have a story to share.

I’m writing mine….how about you?

What’s your story?


Here are my 3 nominees for today:

  1.  Cassianmodest
  2. FluffystepsFluffysteps
  3. CradleofJoy

Nominees, you are under no obligation to accept this challenge. But if you do I would be happy….






This Is How I Know That I Am Blessed

What does it really mean when some people say that they are blessed?

I have seen this term “I am blessed and highly favored” splashed all over social medias, especially Facebook and Twitter every single day. It greets me every morning, noon and night. Now, I am thinking and wondering if some of these people are just bragging and boasting but use this term just to dilute their intentions.

Maybe yes, maybe no, but who am I to judge? If they believe that the characteristics of a blessed life is having a house, a car, wealth, a great family, etc., then who am I to say that they are not blessed? I can’t because I don’t know their stories.

What I do know are the ways in which I am blessed and I will share a few with you. Heck, maybe I’m also “highly favored” but I will leave that part of it out until I’m sure.

Now let’s go… Continue reading This Is How I Know That I Am Blessed

Are you deeply troubled?


Below I’m sharing with you a very beautiful quote on silence written by Franz Kafka.

“You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait. Do not even wait, be quite still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

All the answers to your problems lie somewhere within your being. Just learn to listen to your silence.


Stop Searching For What Was Not Said

Disagreement quote

Some people are not very good at expressing themselves.

Is it because they do not understand that expressing themselves is about the other person and not them?

Some of them really do not care how their messages might affect others and because they are so self-centered they do not pay attention to the words that spring forth from their lips. They just do not care.

But what they fail to understand is that the moment they stop caring about other people’s feelings is the moment they stop trying to express themselves in an amicable way. Sometimes too, it is so hard to believe that their messages are sincere because it seems more of a criticism rather than sincerity. Continue reading Stop Searching For What Was Not Said