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7 Little Ways to Handle Disappointment

life is big

So what if you are disappointed?

You are strong enough to handle your disappointments. Furthermore, the sun will not stop shining and the stars will still come out at nights whether you are disappointed or not.

The world will not end because of your disappointments, life will still goes on.

Therefore, there is no need to cry over spilled milk! It’s already spilled. So mop it up, and get yourself another bottle. God gave us wisdom, knowledge and understanding and it’s up to us to utilize them wisely. Continue reading 7 Little Ways to Handle Disappointment


Kiss Of Life

Author: Demarggio Rose

Salted wounds, pain falling from her eyes

She uses a blade to cover all her pain and lies

She cries “save me!” from the inside

She hangs by a thread, attached to her soul

She refrained from warmth to adapt to the cold

Driven fears leads her into darkness Continue reading Kiss Of Life

A Taste Of My Love

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I’m Broke…


I borrowed a dollar

To give to the child with the runny nose

Who is crying in the street

Because he has nothing to eat


I borrowed another dollar

To give to the homeless man

That has no pillow

Begging around the corner


One more dollar

To give to the mother

That can’t afford a doctor

For her child that has cancer


The last dollar

I gave to the teenager

To feed her child

That has no father


I know it’s not much

It was just a taste of my love

Now I’m smiling

And my heart is rejoicing


Yesterday’s Word Prompt:  BORROWED


This Battered Suitcase


This battered suitcase of mine

Has withstand the test of time

Has visited cities and towns

And has definitely been up and down!

To some it may look simple

To others it may seem old and wrinkle

But this battered suitcase of mine

Compartments are well refine!

The compartment of joy, rejoices inside

Because it’s fill with ambition and pride

Love, the happy compartment

Doesn’t accepts any form of unplesantness!

This battered suitcase of mine

Has been tossed about

Pushed here and there

Thrown everywhere

But still it remains unbreakable

And that’s quite remarkable!


Word Prompt: suitcase


Can You Imagine?

frog-889435_1280So I sat down all morning reading the posts and comments in response to The Daily Post word prompt giggle.

By the way those that I have read so far really made me giggled. Especially So Bored In Class written by Abhineet.

Anyhow, so now that I’m ready to go and run my errands the rain starts pouring!

Can you imagine? And  while I was here giggling my face away the sun was so hot and shining waiting on me!

Well, I will just continue reading more posts and continue giggling.

Can’t allow the rain to steal my joy…

Hush Up! I just realize that this post can be used for the challenge, why not?  Let me set the link!

You all enjoy your sweet giggles until….


Cudos to Pixabay for that image


Echoes of Your Love



Baby please let me sleep;

Even for a minute….

Desirous thoughts of you are invading my pillow,

Taking me to a place of forbidden

Indulgence that….

Makes my heart trembles with every heartbeat…and make

Echoes of your love rings through my soul…


In response to today’s word prompt Bedtime