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What’s Your Story?

Day #2 of the 3 days quote challenge

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Never be afraid to tell your story because you can never tell the tremendous things it may do. The stories that we keep locked away might very well be the ones that will motivate or inspire people to turn their lives around.

Moreover, our untold stories are too much an agony to bear inside. Let us unleash them and share them with the world.

I’m no expert but I can tell my story is a post written by Nicky in which she shared the reason why she started her blog. See, we all have a story to share.

I’m writing mine….how about you?

What’s your story?


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Difficult People: how to deal with them

3 Days Quote Challenge – #3

Josephine described her boss has someone who is miserable and does not listen to anything she says. She said nothing pleases him, he is always annoyed and constantly quarrels with his employees over simple matters.

She stated that sometimes he would request that a task be done in a particular way, but when it is done, he would shout angrily at her saying that’s not the way he asked her to do it.

When asked how she coped with such a difficult boss, she smiled and said, “I exercise patience.”

Be Patient


Like Josephine, we too should exercise patience when dealing with difficult people.

I agree that sometimes it’s hard to resist the temptation of going crazy on them, but let us not allow their rudeness or unpleasantness to disturb our peace of mind.

Instead, we should stay calm and treat them with love.

Remember that… LOVE is always strong enough to endure trials and temptations.

Furthermore… LOVE is not rude but is patient and kind.



This post ends my 3 days quote challenge. Thanks to Sayanti for nominating me.

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Now, go ahead and run!