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What Is The Purpose of The Church?

I am knocking on all the church doors on the world wide web, I am tickling the brains of all Christians,…as a matter of fact, I am searching all over to find an answer to my question, what is the purpose of the church?

Now, don’t be too hasty with your answers, because I’m tired of the lies! I don’t want to hear that the purpose of the church is to worship God, to study his words, and to pray – those are lies. Neither do I want to hear that the purpose of the church is to help one another, and to love one another because these two are BIGGER lies!!!

Now, you are, or maybe wondering why I’m attacking the church, or you may even be thinking that I’m an atheist. But don’t get it twisted; just read my story. Continue reading What Is The Purpose of The Church?

Fake Christians — Blessed Chaos


Lately, I’ve been told many heartbreaking experiences from those who were in a Christian church but ended up turning away from the church, scripture, and God because of how those around them, Christians, treated them “based on the Bible.” When God’s word is used to put other’s down, belittle, hurt, and leave someone not feeling […]

via Fake Christians — Blessed Chaos

Every Thursday I randomly select a post to re-blog that deals with real issues. For today’s Real Talk Tiffany who blogs at tiffanysblessedchaos  voice her concern about Christians who are fake. Please show her some love by visiting her blog, read and comment. Thank you as usual for your support.