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Fake Christians — Blessed Chaos


Lately, I’ve been told many heartbreaking experiences from those who were in a Christian church but ended up turning away from the church, scripture, and God because of how those around them, Christians, treated them “based on the Bible.” When God’s word is used to put other’s down, belittle, hurt, and leave someone not feeling […]

via Fake Christians — Blessed Chaos

Every Thursday I randomly select a post to re-blog that deals with real issues. For today’s Real Talk Tiffany who blogs at tiffanysblessedchaos  voice her concern about Christians who are fake. Please show her some love by visiting her blog, read and comment. Thank you as usual for your support.


Do You Believe In Angels?

It is midnight and every midnight I think about the lady that rescued me.

I have never walked to the bus stop before. But on that beautiful Monday evening in October, the weather was inviting. I was in a happy mood, feeling energetic and alive so I decided to enjoy the 5 minutes walk to the bus stop. After all, I told myself that a little walk could not kill me.

Lakewood, New Jersey, October 26, 2014…that’s where the ‘little walk’ nearly killed me.

The stop light for motorist was on green so I waited. The only pedestrian on the street where I stood was me. I kept waiting for the pedestrian light to flick to ‘walk’. It flicked to walk. I looked up, and I looked down. As a matter of fact, I looked everywhere. No-one was in sight but me, myself and I. No motor vehicle…nothing.

We all have a guardian angel who is always there to help us carry our load when it's too much to bear

I started my journey along the pedestrian crossing. Out of nowhere I saw a car coming from an intersection with full blown speed, heading right in my direction. I was frightened! I right hand went up quickly like a police in the stop position. Driver didn’t see me. (That’s what he said) The car hit me. I saw a lady and I reached out to her. She held me by my left shoulder and pulled me backwards. My head spun. Darkness… Continue reading Do You Believe In Angels?