Please Say You Will Try



Can you unlock this lonely heart of mine?

please say yes

please say you will try

the only thing though

I’ve misplaced the keys

fifteen years ago

when he left me


In response to The Daily Post One Word Prompt misplaced



Thank You


Greetings to all my 34 followers. Please don’t say just 34. That will crushed my spirit because it’s a big deal coming from 1. 

Thank you all for following me on this new journey. It’s a very young journey but slowly and surely I’m getting there. I’m also learning from each one of you and I am applying all the lessons learned to make my blogging more heavenly! Oops heavenly? Can I say that?

Thanks James Patmore, you made me laugh in your post explanation when you said your blog is for ages 14-16 and if we are older we already knew everything that you will be talking about. You are wrong we can learn from the young too, don’t you think?

Thanks Tikeetha T, I really enjoyed reading your post, back down memory lane. I’m so guilty of visiting that lane, it must be tired of me by now. Interesting post Tikeetha.

Jacqueline, Jacqueline, did you hear me call you? I called your name twice oh! What’s cooking? You are an inspiration. I love all your posts., especially your midnight motivations and musings. You go girl.

Antonio Wesley I bet you didn’t realize that you were my first follower…Yes you were. You were the first one who placed determination in my soul! I love your article things we say when giving advice, it had some very useful information. You know I will continue visiting your blog for sure.

Thank you Sohini. You brought me alive also with your pen and paper. I love all those books on your website header image. I tried to follow your post on making diy-bookmarks but it wasn’t as beautiful as yours…

Yes my friends! From my heart to yours thank you, thank you and thank you!

I love you all.

I now sign out with a quotation from me:

Rejoice when your soul sings and if you find wings fly too…Dehan




His Truth Lives On


How majestic you are 

My God, my King

Morning by morning

New blessings you bring

My soul will forever praise thee

My heart will forever sing

A new song each day

To set you on high

To magnify your name

And to honour the beauty

Of your Green magnificent land

Oh what a wondrous God you are

Your love never ceases

Your kindness always increases

and your truth lives on.


Daily Word Prompt: GREEN 

Images courtesy of Pixabay



These Tricky Thoughts



I thought about a few tricky factors of life to write about and came up with a lot. I shuffled and reshuffled them but each one I chose to be my topic didn’t seem to be a good choice. Suddenly I realized that my mind must be playing one of its trick on me because of all the things in life there must be something to write about.

You see, our minds can be tricky at times and if we are not careful it will make us believe all sorts of negative things. There are so many things that we could have accomplished but sometimes we allow our minds to hijacked our heads with tricky thoughts.

And when we are consumed with these thoughts we tend to: Continue reading These Tricky Thoughts

Do You Believe In Angels?

It is midnight and every midnight I think about the lady that rescued me.

I have never walked to the bus stop before. But on that beautiful Monday evening in October, the weather was inviting. I was in a happy mood, feeling energetic and alive so I decided to enjoy the 5 minutes walk to the bus stop. After all, I told myself that a little walk could not kill me.

Lakewood, New Jersey, October 26, 2014…that’s where the ‘little walk’ nearly killed me.

The stop light for motorist was on green so I waited. The only pedestrian on the street where I stood was me. I kept waiting for the pedestrian light to flick to ‘walk’. It flicked to walk. I looked up, and I looked down. As a matter of fact, I looked everywhere. No-one was in sight but me, myself and I. No motor vehicle…nothing.

We all have a guardian angel who is always there to help us carry our load when it's too much to bear

I started my journey along the pedestrian crossing. Out of nowhere I saw a car coming from an intersection with full blown speed, heading right in my direction. I was frightened! I right hand went up quickly like a police in the stop position. Driver didn’t see me. (That’s what he said) The car hit me. I saw a lady and I reached out to her. She held me by my left shoulder and pulled me backwards. My head spun. Darkness… Continue reading Do You Believe In Angels?

Love In The Street…

Daily Prompt: Street

LOVE, when it’s freely shared without expectation, but rather from a genuine place within, is beautiful and sweet. Genuine love is contagious and when our hearts are overflowing with  PURE LOVE,  it radiates everywhere we go…especially in the streets.

There are people in the street that are aching to feel love. Most of them left their homes feeling distressed, confused and miserable. A home where love does not resides. But a pleasant smile, a nod of the head and a bright hello can penetrate their souls and re-fuel their energy; giving them hope and courage to face another day. Continue reading Love In The Street…

2 Simple Truths

In response to Jacqueline’s Tuesday Trickles

It's Up to You! (1)

The truth is, each morning we wake up we are given another chance, and another opportunity to do whatever we choose. The choice is always ours and it’s up to us to choose wisely. We shouldn’t rely on others to make decisions for us…WE HAVE TO DO IT OURSELVES!

Let life flows

Truth is, sometimes we need to just sit back and enjoy the little things in life. Let us stop tormenting our minds with the chaos of this world and just stay still. Life is beautiful so just let it flow…


and that’s the truth….

Shifting Your Focus

Inviting God to be a part of our plans (1)

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations in which we feel trapped. We feel as though our world is crushing in on us with various obstacles blocking our paths; leaving us with no way out.

We make plans that seem to be going nowhere so we tossed and turned at nights wondering what to do, what road to take and what choice to make. Should we give up?

NO!  Never should we allow obstacles or stumbling blocks to stop us from  STOP PUSHING . The moment we give in to them, we become powerless. Continue reading Shifting Your Focus

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