Does Your Choice of Friends Represents Who You Are?

If you are a sheep and you live in a pig pen, does it mean that you are a pig? Would you behave like a pig? Eat like a pig? And wobble in the mud like a pig?
Now tell me, is this saying “show me your company and I’ll tell you who you are,” true?
Sometimes we will we find ourselves in the company of people that others believe are “not good enough.” But this does not mean that we are “not good enough” because we can be in their company for a purpose.
As for me, I am always surrounded by people whose behavior and lifestyle is out of order. This does not mean that I have a disorderly conduct.
When I am with them, I use my voice of inspiration to help them make a positive change. After all, they are the ones, who need inspiration and motivation the most.
Let us not assume or judge anyone because of their choice of friends. A person choice of friends does not always represent the person they are.
What do you think?
Have a great weekend!

19 thoughts on “Does Your Choice of Friends Represents Who You Are?”

  1. This post really gave me something to think about, because I’ve always believed you are who you hang out with.. but what you said is true. You can be a positive influence on friends who are not yet in the same mindset as you. However, I personally have had friends who never made an effort to change their ways and their behavior affected me negatively, so I had to let them go.

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  2. “…A person choice of friends does not always represent the person they are…” So very true. I was asked recently why I am friends with this friend of mine…. my answer was that everybody had some not so ‘nice’ qualities. Plus, when this friend crosses the line I call her on it and she seems to pull back and acknowledge that she’s being more than a little crazy. At least this person that ask the question is acknowledging that we are two very different people.

    Nice thoughts Dehan:)

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  3. I think we’re too quick to judge based on what we see at first glance. We have other senses to help us determine what’s true. The only just judge is God Almighty, so it doesn’t really matter to me how others view me. I know who I am and whose I am, and that speaks for itself. ❤ Nice post, Dehan!


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