4 Reasons Why You Should Sow Positive Seeds

Watch Your Thoughts

What seeds are you sowing?

I recently read an article at  hrawakening.com and was captivated by this statement, “Our thoughts and the environmental inputs we allow ourselves to be exposed to, are like seeds being planted in our consciousness.”

I want you to read that statement again and don’t take it lightly because it is true. We need to be careful of the seeds we sow; the thoughts that we feed our minds with. Tell me, what seeds are you sowing? Did you know that it’s easier for you to root up the thoughts that are positive and uplifting from your mind in order to sow negative seeds? Yes it is!

I know that it’s not easy to focus on the positives all the time, but if we are determine, we can stop sowing negative seeds and start to sow positive ones. This can be done if we start to focus on positive thinking each day.

So, if you are sowing negative seeds, I am now giving you 4 solid reasons why you should stop, and start sowing positive seeds.

4 Reasons why you should sow positive seeds

  1. The truth is, when you think positively everything seems possible and the little things in life will not get you down.
  1. Positive thoughts will keep you more focused on what you are doing, rather than what will happen.
  1. You will realize that nothing around you can stop you from living and enjoying the beauty of life.
  1. And the truth is, the seeds that you sow in your mind will mature into thoughts, and those thoughts can either make you or break you.

If you want to start sowing positive seeds you can read books that will help you to stay focus. I find The Power of Positive Thinking  by Norman Vincent Peale to be very helpful. It has a wealth of information that will transform your mind. 

Finally, when you find that your mind is leaning more towards the negative, always remember that it’s better to plant positive seeds because you will feel happier and have healthier thoughts.




29 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why You Should Sow Positive Seeds”

  1. This is a great post and takes work daily especially for the pessimistic mind. Forcing those thoughts to expect the best creates hope and things to look forward to even when what can be seen with the naked eye reflects otherwise. Nice!😊

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