Who Said We Can’t Party On A Thursday?


The place to be tomorrow is right here, with me!!! Bring a friend, bring a post, and your well wishes. And guess what? You can ask me ANY QUESTION…isn’t that great? So write this date down and prepare to come and rock to some sweet Christmas reggae music…yeah man, we gonna have a blast!

OK, back to normal programming and I’ll see you tomorrow on the party floor. Spread the news because this party will not be normal!

Who said we can’t party on a Thursday!

Love Always…Dehan


25 thoughts on “Who Said We Can’t Party On A Thursday?”

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    Happy Thursday, Lovelies! Dehan is throwing a party, and you know I like mingling 🙂 So prepare your favorite link, dress up and join the crowd 🙂 Weekends are short, so take advantage of this middle of the week Meet & Greet 🙂


  2. A jolly happy birthday Dehan 🙂 Thank you for throwing this lovely party!! I am bringing mimosas to cheer with your readers!

    And to you all, let me introduce myself… I am Cyranny, caretaker of the Cove, where everybody is warmly welcome! The Cove is s little bit like a convenience Blog. A little fiction, a little poetry, anecdotes and pictures, if you search a little, you just might find what you’re looking for 😉

    Here’s a little piece of fiction for you all….


    I’ll join in later to catch up on other bloggers’ links 🙂


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