Your Light Is Waiting


When I hit rock bottom I had the same feelings just like you. So you see…you are not the only one who have cried for days and kept wondering why, when and how. It happens to best of the best, so if it has happened to us nothing is wrong with that…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! At the end of the day everything will work out fine.

People said all manners of things about me and spread all kinds of rumors, not to mention fiends and family who stopped asking about my well-being because I was broke and could no longer shower them with gifts. Things like these made me feel as if I would die and tears would not let me be. But sometimes this is a road we have to travel in order to find out the people who are real from the ones that are fake. Moreover, it’s a road we have to travel in order to find out our purpose.

Stop Worrying

So don’t burden and worry yourself too much about these things because they shall pass. I know that it’s hard to stop worrying and I also know that you don’t want to hear me saying that things will be alright. I never wanted to hear that statement too. Of course it’s hard, yes I know it is, but I can’t tell you to sit down and wallow in self-pity…no I will not.

I will even go on further to tell you that the world doesn’t end because you have made a mistake or fail, the world doesn’t end just because your partner walked out on you, it doesn’t end because you lost your home, and it will certainly not end if you sit wherever you find yourself sitting bawling your heart out. What will end however is “your world” if you don’t get a grip of yourself.

Picking Myself Up

If I had sat down and let self-pity conquered me, maybe today I wouldn’t be here writing this to you. But I got up because I told myself that I will accept my downfall and start over again. I created a positive mindset, so now I’ve started to crawl again and is now using my mistake to fulfill my purpose and my dream.

All these motivational and inspirational messages I have been posting for you on this website is something I had in mind to do many years now and if it wasn’t for the push that I have received from fallen I would not have made a start. If I had never fallen I wouldn’t have found my strength, my vigor, the urge, the motivation, and the inspiration to write.

I may be broke and broken right now, and so do you, but we have something much more valuable than money or material things to offer to this world. Sometimes we may believe that what we had was the best only to find out that after a fresh start we become the real person that we were meant to be.

Your Light Is Waiting

Who can tell? Maybe what you were doing was not what you were placed on this earth to do and only through your mistake or failure will you realized that your dream is calling you. Your light is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel all you have to do is to get up and go for it.



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  1. you don’t know how much i needed to read this. for some time, i felt like i had no friends. since i stopped having the money to throw dinners for them, they no longer reach me out. they don’t ask how am i doing, or my son. if they can help me, or if they can visit me.
    however, this lack of money made me pursuit one of my dreams, one of my biggest dreams: tell people stories. and i’m very grateful for that. as for friends, i’ll probably find better ones. ;)~
    thank you so much for putting things onto perspective! keep the magic rolling! ❤

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    1. Aww…some people just love us for what we can give and that’s a shame. Thanks so much Nicia for your input and it warms my heart to know that you can relate to this. Blessings always…

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  2. I’m so appreciative that I stumbled upon your post! It’s an affirmation of our faith in our Almighty God, that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. God walks with us through every trial and difficulty. He says, “never ever give up, I’m always with you.” And He’ll always cause us to triumph!

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