You want to change your life for the better, so you have decided to make a radical change. A change that will transform your life in a positive way. You believe that your time has come…it’s now your time to shine.

What Did You Do?

You shared your intentions with some friends and family members.  They told you it would not work, and that it’s a bad idea. They even went as far to tell you that you were too old and you would not make it. Or maybe they tried to persuade you to wait because you were young and still has time. You became fearful, thinking that maybe they were right. So you played with your thoughts, you became troubled and kept wondering what to do.


Not wanting to give up, you followed your heart. You tried and you failed. They laughed at you, and you cried. They kept shoving it in your face, “we told you so.” Broken and hurt you wiped your tears, got up and tried again to prove them wrong, but you failed once more.

They laughed at you even more. But their laughter fueled your determination. So you sought external support. You found strangers who mentored you, who taught you how to stay focused and led you in the right direction.

And then one day because of your determination, because of your strength, because of your willpower, and because you did not give in to failure you finally made it…… Yes you did!

Your biggest cheerleaders

The same friends and family members who told you that you were not good enough became your biggest cheerleaders. They lifted your name on high. They spoke very highly about you. Hey, they even gave themselves credit for pushing you forward and boasted that they were the ones who inspired you to reach thus far….


The truth is, without them you would not have made it. They were the ones who pushed you towards success. The only thing is that they didn’t know it, neither did you! Give them a big round of applause and thank them!

Sometimes it’s not that our friends and family do not want to see us grow. But because their mindsets are in just one place and they have no intention of growing, they do not want to see others excel. In addition, some of them have already climbed the ladder of success but do not want anyone else to reach the pinnacle.

Upon embarking on anything new we have to be aware that there will always be oppressors in our way. Therefore, it’s up to us to follow our hearts, make our own decisions and do what is right. After a while our new-found success will awaken our oppressors to new possibilities and they too will want to change and join us on our journey to new power and a better way of living.


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win…… MAHATMA GHANDI


19 thoughts on “NEVER STOP PUSHING”

  1. Amazingly insightful and equally thought provoking post!!! It is always important to keep in mind that awesome overlooked fact you wrote: some people just don’t see intention to grow for themselves and in turn don’t want others to excel. That by itself really opened my mind and heart.

    Loved this and thank you for writing it!! 🙂

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  2. So true. Never give up and never stop pushing back. Don’t forget to focus on the Joyful things in life. It’s all we have.

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  3. Hey, Beauty! Thanks for your precious post.
    Before reading this post my slogan was “Never Follow!” and after reading this post now my slogan turns to “Never Stop Pushing!”.
    Thanks again, Dehan. Keep pushing this types of post :p
    And also love to see you here motivational speakers seattle.

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  4. sometimes it’s hard not to believe them. because they always made you feel worthless, even when you conquered something. but i will keep pushing always. thank you for your words. ❤

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  5. The wife and I really love this blog and appreciate the inspiration you provide. We would like to encourage you to keep writing and never abandon this blog. When you decide to have a mobile app version, I would love to be of service. I appreciate the hard work you have put into this blog and wish you all future success in business and in life.

    Thank you for your time, it is the most precious thing we all possess.

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    1. …and this comment here make me not wanting to sleep, lol. Thank you Jacque’, I really appreciate your sentiments. Most of all, it fills me with joy to know that this little blog is loved by so many. Your encouragement is also appreciated. Thanks.

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