Will You Be The One?

Have you ever looked deeply in the eyes of a hungry man? Today as you sit around your Thanksgiving table, and as you partake in the various variety of elaborate dishes please enjoy every bit of it with a thankful heart. I know that today is a special day and you are all very excited to share it with family and friends. However, amidst your excitement and joy please remember this:

There are people in your surrounding areas who are dying of hunger.

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So who will be the one to say a silent prayer for them? Will you be the one? Will you take a minute or two to arrange a small plate with all your goodies and deliver it to someone who needs it right now?

Who will keep the light of love shining? Will you be the one to transform someone’s sadness to joy? Will you be the one that homeless person remember tonight as he wraps up in the cold to sleep?

The angels will smile if you be that person to make a difference today. Seriously, please do what you can, in any way that you can to help because we all know that “giving is living.”

With this said, join me in applauding my fellow blogger Monica Marie for the initiative she has taken by doing a food drive to help the poor today. These are the things that I am passionate about. Well done Monica Marie!

I’m sure that many of you will be doing so as well, will you please let me know? I just love to hear about the joy of giving so if you will be doing something special today leave me a comment…make me smile.

God bless you all, happy thanksgiving,  bon appetit!




8 thoughts on “Will You Be The One?”

  1. What a beautiful post! We are blessed with so much that we sometimes forget about those less fortunate. Someone made a comment on my post the other day and basically said that giving what little we have can be a lifeline for someone else. That really resonated with me. It should resonate with your readers today, Dehan. Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend. ❤

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    1. I have received so many thanksgiving wishes today, it’s just a pity I’m not in the U.S. Thank you Michelle, I do hope that you have a great one and send me some of your turkey…with ♥
      God is good….Dehan


  2. I spent a quiet Thanksgiving at home today. I have been working a lot of hours and just wanted to rest. A few years ago I worked in a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving, serving meals to the homeless and delivering meals to the elderly. It was the best Thanksgiving I ever had. I felt so good being able to help others and they were so appreciative! Wonderful post Dehan and thanks for the reminder. I will offer up a special Thanksgiving prayer tonight for all in need!! xo

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    1. I’m sure it made you feel wonderful Deb. This Christmas, God’s willing, I will be delivering meals to the elderly and I just can’t wait. Thank you Deb, I really appreciate your input…I’m smiling.

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      1. I did make me feel wonderful and rested!! Oh how wonderful, you will gain so much fulfillment from delivering those meals, it will be the best present of the season!! Your smile makes me smile!! 🙂

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