Don’t Forget About The Homeless

Every now and then I would come across people who are homeless and suffering, and it would break my heart. Then I would wish silently for the power to change their lives and ask God to touch the hearts of the more fortunate people to extend a helping hand to those in need.


I just don’t know what life has in store for me. I have seen people who had everything lost it all in a blink of an eye. And the sadness of it all is that the people whom they thought would stand by their sides turned their backs on them.

So when the world forget about them, what are they suppose to do? When all hope is lost, who can they turn to?

You may ask the question, “why can’t they just seek a job?” I have asked myself the same question too and have searched for answers. During my quest for answers I came across Kathryn Baer blog and read about some of the obstacles these people face trying to find a job.

Truly, it’s not an easy road!


Another thing too is that we take things for granted too much, and love to complain about what we do not have while there are others in this world who don’t know what it means to complain because they appreciate and are grateful for the little that they have.

Do you know how many homeless and poor people all over the world who have to drink dirty water? Have you ever think about those who have to eat from garbage bins?

Awww life…what can I say?


I do not know their stories. And furthermore, I don’t care about what they did or what they didn’t do to be in the position that they are in. All I care about is that I do my duty as a human being to show compassion and kindness to these people.


So my plea to you my friends, especially those who will be celebrating thanksgiving this week, is that you extend kindness in any way that you can to at least one person. Trust me, they need it more than you will ever know.

I know it’s hard on everyone but even a simple and sincere prayer will do. They may be homeless and are suffering but still….they are human beings too!




13 thoughts on “Don’t Forget About The Homeless”

  1. Great post! Certainly we are meant to take care of all our brothers and sisters, homeless included. And although there are homeless shelters and organizations in place, at least in my experience, sometimes the best ways to help are to show them you care about them as people on top of helping them out monetarily.

    One guy in Indianapolis was such a bright soul, and went homeless because of medical surgery bills. All he wanted was for people to understand that not all homeless people are dirty, negligent bums, but life sometimes forces them into humility. On top of giving him money, it was awesome to just…relate. He had good wisdom.

    Another dude here in my hometown is a genuine gentleman. I bought him coffee so he could proceed to his morning routine like I do (everyone deserves coffee!), but he was so polite and genuinely kind. All he wants to do is read Stephen King novels and be appreciated as a human being. Saying hello to him almost every morning is such a blessing.

    You are awesome for posting this, Dehan! Bring that awareness! 🙂

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  2. Lovely this post Dehan! I found this inspiring because I myself am doing a food drive with my company to help. I have witness a man who runs a community pantry in my town, almost get into tears, because of the passion he has to help humans. Bedside me always having the heart for homeless, it was him who pushed me to make this movement to get my whole district to donate food. It’s my honer to help, and I’m glad to see other care as much. Thank you for this aspiring post. Let’s not forget to donate this giving season 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and compassionate blog. I am a homeless woman surviving the streets of Los Angeles. I always appreciate when someone who is not homeless can empathize with our plight. I hope you’ll take a minute to follow my blog about my experiences with being a college-educated homeless woman.

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