4 thoughts on “Do You Play Victim or Do You Take Responsibility?”

  1. First, awesome format with the gallery/slideshow. That was a cool way to read the post. Second, I wish more people would seriously take this thinking of owning your own life and responsibilities/actions to heart! I feel like these days, especially with young twenty-somethings like me (not me, but peers), there is so much blame and trying to throw problems on other people but not enough ownership.

    I think a lot of it stems from fear of weakness, but really, like I wrote in my blog, weaknesses are perfect set ups for building. It’s unfortunate, but so encouraging to see people like you also share the sentiment of taking ownership of actions and taking responsibility of your God given potential.

    SO GOOD. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for such an awesome comment. I’m glad that you like the slideshow.

      Do you think I should do more of that format in the future? I’m just wondering if it’s easier and quicker to get the message across.

      Yes, my son (if you don’t mind me calling you so…I have a son your age so you are my son too..) a lot of people love to play the “blame game” when in fact they are the ones who should be responsible for their own actions. They need to look within themselves and see where they went wrong or what needs to be corrected before throwing their worries and blames on others.

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      1. Aww, of course you can call me “son”! That is very humbling to me, and an honor. I think if you space out the intervals of your posts with slideshows like that, then that would be a great idea! It’s an interesting and unique getaway from straight text prose, you know?

        You are truly awesome.

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      2. Thank you, this means a lot to me. You see what I’m talking about when I said God always sends his love through friends…our little meeting here is an example.

        Have an awesome week and keep on smiling…

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