Rain Shall Fall – part 2

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Then gently you will lift me up

and carry me into nature

and under the moonlight

you will lay me down gently

on the earth from which you were molded.

Your eyes will be feasted upon my beauty

and you will want to bite me

chew me

taste me

but you will just smell me

and I will smell you,

you will smell like thirst

and I will smell like water.

Then you will lay on top of me

body and soul entwined

chest to chest

belly to belly

heart beating as one

and another lightning will flash.

You will moan

I will moan

then we will lay in silence

as the wind sings us a lullaby

and the moonlight caresses our nakedness.

I will feel your growing excitement



and my well will erupt

and flows through the gate of my garden

blood will rush to your heart

every vein in your body will stand up

and slowly, very slowly

I shall unlock the gate of my garden

and cautiously you will enter

the clouds will hide the moon

the stars will dim their lights

giving way to sparks of lightening

and explosive sounds of thunder.

I will shout out your name silently

and you will whisper my name loudly

then we will ascend to heaven as one

And then rain shall fall!



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