Rain Shall Fall – part 2

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Please read Rain Shall Fall – part 1 here

Then gently you will lift me up

and carry me into nature

and under the moonlight

you will lay me down gently

on the earth from which you were molded.

Your eyes will be feasted upon my beauty

and you will want to bite me Continue reading Rain Shall Fall – part 2


Book Cover Reveal — Watching the Daisies

Here it is – my book cover! It will launch on Monday 14th November on Amazon Kindle. I am holding a Book Launch Celebration Party on Saturday 12th November from 12 noon GMT to celebrate. The first 10 people to re-blog Saturday’s ” Book Launch Celebration Party”post will receive a free e formatted copy of […]

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Source of Inspiration


Love—the ability
to accept another
just as he is.

Acceptance, key to serenity
C ompassion makes acceptance possible
C aring includes sharing
E ach person is part of the whole
P unish not with your silence
T hankfulness makes love grow
A ccept differences
N othing is more important than love
C herish all our Creator has made
Each one needs and deserves our love

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