Rain Shall Fall – part 1

Kerosene lamp with reflector Rustic flat wick hurricane lamp Vintage farmhouse lighting Ancient style romantic lighting 19th century design

The kerosene lamp will burn low

very low

you will see me

you will look at me

I will look at you

my eyes will stroke you

speak to you


Then I shall pour a little oil of spring

some oil of summer

some oil of autumn

and a little oil of winter

into the palm of my hands

and I will anoint you tenderly

…your neck

…your shoulders

…your arms

…your belly

…your back

…your legs.

Then slowly and softly

I will intoxicate your pores

with sensuous spices from the tip of my tongue

and you will feel as if your bones

have turn into flesh

and you will want to touch me

but I will whisper

not yet…

My eyes will explore

your mind

body and soul


and you will look at me quizzically

but I will not answer

instead I will take your magic hand

and lead it to my garden

to my secret well

where my love for you overflows.

When you discover the beauty of my waters

you will tremble

and then lightning will flash

and I will tremble from the touch of your discovery

and shakily call out your name

begging you to stop exploring my garden

but you will whisper

not yet…


©Dehan Taylor


9 thoughts on “Rain Shall Fall – part 1”

  1. Hi Dehan, thank you for following my blog. I am now following yours. I have only had a chance to browse it, but I am very impressed by your content, a little mix of everything. Thus poem is really creative. I like how you have constructed it and it is very imaginative, and passionate. I look forward to more of your work, and I hope to catch up on what I missed.

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