Real Talk


For this week’s Real Talk Operation Torchlight wrote a very truthful, powerful, and thought provoking message about how fake the world is and how it’s falling apart.
You all need to read this! It’s real and no beating around the bush!

NB: If you missed last week’s real talk you can read it here.

Operation Torchlight

We live in a very fake world.

As cliche as it sounds, it’s the barest truths that create the very cliches we roll our eyes at hearing. We roll our eyes at cliches because we’re tired of hearing them. And we’re tired of hearing them because the problems they reflect never seem anywhere close to resolution.

In this life we see: fake friends, fake love, fake food, fake modesty, fake body parts. And, yes, even fake faith. It’s an illusion; the Buddhists call it “Maya.” Veneer exist to hide blemishes and scars, the ugly things we don’t want others to see, and the ugly things we don’t want to deal with ourselves.

I get it. Really, I do. The truth not only hurts, but it’s often ugly. And the truth is this: our world is falling apart, and no amount of buff-n’-shine, Botox, and Band-Aids wrapped in political correctness can…

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