Misfortunes are not that bad after all

Sometimes it takes a push from misfortune for us to unleash our true potentials

Tears scrolled sadly down his cheeks.  With his hands folded tightly across his chest, the young man stared in distress at his possessions laying on the side of the road in a puddle. He slowly shook his head to and fro; accepting defeat. Just like that, he was cast out of his home with nowhere to go; no roof over his head. He was speechless at the unexpected turn in event that had crept upon  him so he stood frozen in the pelting rain and cried.

Now, imagine yourself coming home from work one day only to be greeted by your belongings on the side of the road. Can you imagine how that would feel?

Please stop reading and think about this young man for a minute.

Can you imagine how he felt? the pain? the anger? the bitterness?

It was his mother who evicted him! What a misfortune!

But misfortunes are not that bad after-all.

Little Misfortune

Little  Misfortune…as much as we love to hate her sometimes we have to love and thank her because most times her intention is for us to rise.

I’m sure that you will agree with me that there are numerous things we keep telling ourselves that we will do “when the time is right.” And we sit and wait. Waiting for days, months and years but still the time never gets right and we do nothing but keep waiting.

Sometimes what we need is a push. And not just any push, but a forceful one that will make us get up and act! Without that force, we tend to become satisfy with the way things are and accept life as it is. When in fact there is so much more that we can do. But we stifle our talents and abilities, and just accept and settle for what is.

So this is when little misfortune intervenes. She goes out of her way just to find us and give us that undesirable push for us to get up and rise to the occasion. This push is what makes us unleash our true potentials and open up our eyes to the numerous opportunities waiting for us.

there is always light at the end of the tunnel

However, this young man at the time couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel because his eyes were darkened by anger and fury. Which of course, would be typical for someone who was faced in such an unexpected situation. He didn’t realize that his mother was only handing him the keys to unlock the doors of his many blessings, and that one day he would be thanking her for putting him on the street.

One thing I know for sure and I want you all to believe this:

 darkness doesn’t last forever and with every sunset there comes a sunrise

So when little Misfortune knocks on our doors we cannot accept defeat and give up.

No, we have to be strong and embrace the struggles and as difficult as it may get we have to be brave, determine and believe that we can weather the storm because at the end of the tunnel there comes light.

It wasn’t an easy road for this young man. But he made it through the storm and today he has a home of his own. He was determined to win and he won.

Who can evict him now?



9 thoughts on “Misfortunes are not that bad after all”

  1. This is so true, without darkness there would be no contrast. Sometimes little Misfortune is there for a reason.
    Excellent post.

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  2. This is wonderful, Being someone who had a stroke at 16 years old and seeing it as the best thing that ever happened to me I completely agree.
    Love this post,

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    1. Jesse I’m so happy that you can relate to this post. Most times we find ourselves in some unfortunate situations and at the time we think the worst but at the end of the day things always come through for the better. All it takes is determination.
      Thanks very much Jesse.

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  3. A wonderful post, Dehan! We can never truly appreciate the light in our lives without the darkness. The key is to keep going, have faith in ourselves and never give up.

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