This Is How I Know That I Am Blessed

What does it really mean when some people say that they are blessed?

I have seen this term “I am blessed and highly favored” splashed all over social medias, especially Facebook and Twitter every single day. It greets me every morning, noon and night. Now, I am thinking and wondering if some of these people are just bragging and boasting but use this term just to dilute their intentions.

Maybe yes, maybe no, but who am I to judge? If they believe that the characteristics of a blessed life is having a house, a car, wealth, a great family, etc., then who am I to say that they are not blessed? I can’t because I don’t know their stories.

What I do know are the ways in which I am blessed and I will share a few with you. Heck, maybe I’m also “highly favored” but I will leave that part of it out until I’m sure.

Now let’s go…

Look How Blessed I Am


  1.  I am a grandmother (I bet one of you will now scroll up to my picture to see if I look like a grandmother). Whenever I look at my two grandsons my heart rejoices and I have to give God praises and thanks. Why? Because he has blessed me with a golden opportunity to see my next generation and this is an opportunity many will not have.
  2. The only thing I own on this earth that I can call my very own is love. Nothing more, nothing less. God has blessed me with so much love until my heart is overflowing. For this I am thankful because at least I have love to share with anyone who crosses my path. I have nothing else to give.
  3. In the midnight hour when pain decides that I should not sleep, My God, My father hears my cry and comes to my rescue because I am blessed.
  4. I am blessed when I can see the handy works of God through the rising and the setting sun, the full moon and the fallen stars, the different colors of the ocean, and the rainbow that paints the sky.
  5. I am blessed with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Knowledge to know what I have, understanding to know that’s all I have and wisdom to know what to do with what I have. Therefore, I am blessed and not stressed.

I want to continue with a million more reasons but I will stop here.

Nonetheless, I still want to know what some people mean when they say that they are blessed.

I will now say it out loud the way that it is written on Facebook and Twitter:

“I am blessed!”

“I am a blessed woman!”

You too should say it out loud because you are blessed in more ways than one!



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