We All Are Passengers


It is said that “life is a journey”. Therefore, it simple means that from the moment we were born we became passengers.

However, the journey is not the same for everyone. Some rides are rocky while others are smooth sailing.

But if your ride is rocky you should still enjoy your journey. Stop thinking about the bumps in the road and focus on the arrival to your destination.

Let go and let the future reveals itself, let go and enjoy the journey, enjoy every single bit of it because this is just a one time journey.

Remember that whatever surprises this journey brings to you and whatever destination it takes you to,  you are capable of handling it.

It’s time that takes the mind, body, and soul to new places everyday…enjoy the journey.



5 thoughts on “We All Are Passengers”

  1. Imagine your life as a roller coaster. You have many ups and downs. You start with the slow climb (growing up). You reach the peak and take your first dive (leaving home – on your own). You are moving fast with crazy turns (life comes at you from many directions) and you continue to have ups and downs (life like?). In the end, you slow down for your final resting stop, enjoying the blood coursing through your body from the fabulous ride.

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