Why Does The Wicked Prosper, despite their wicked ways?


Some people have everything they wish for despite their wickedness.

What a pity!

And it seems as though they live a life without pain, without heartaches and without struggles, despite their wickedness.

Yes their lives seem perfect! They have everything their hearts desire, despite their wickedness.

And then we wonder why God allow these people to prosper, while you and I who are trying to live a virtuous and righteous life have to struggle hard for everything.

Sometimes, we have to cry river of tears and endure torment and pain just to achieve something marvelous in life.

But these ‘fat cats’ despite their wicked ways seem to flourish effortlessly, making us wonder how they manage to get through life so easily.

But trying to understand how and why the wicked prosper would be a very difficult task because we do not know the hearts of the wicked neither do we understand their ways.

However, what I am telling you today is based on Psalm 73 in which Asaph stated that God has put them on a slippery path and they will slide over the pit of destruction. Asaph also stated that God himself will laugh at them like a person who laughs at his dream in the morning. Can you imagine that? (I would love to see God laughing)

So let them bask in their prosperity , let them flaunt and boast because the day shall surely come when they will have to give an account for their wickedness.





Inspiration Based on Psalm 73


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  1. I’ve often asked that same question when I saw the wicked in my hometown flourishing while my grandparents worked so hard to make ends meet. She basically said the same thing or something like that, “no one knows what’s in the heart of the wicked, but they climb a slippery slope, one that the righteous dare not take.”

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