You Should Know When To Walk Away

Woman walking away from argument

You should know when to walk away from people who try to stir up strife just to push you over the limit.

They will provoke and torment you to a point where you feel like exploding.

You are not a BOMB! So, pause! think! and walk away!

Walk away because you cannot allow your tongue to stop you from rising higher. Continue reading You Should Know When To Walk Away


Did You Know That You Are Special?

Because of you 2

You are special but you just don’t know it!

The truth is, you have made a difference in someone’s life and you have left a mark that cannot be erased.

Yes, people can become connected to you without your knowledge. But it doesn’t matter as long as they are happy. Continue reading Did You Know That You Are Special?

You are a Masterpiece: what follows “I am”

You Are Not A Mistake

You Are A Masterpiece

Watch the words that follow your “I am” because you are a Masterpiece and you are what God made you to be; a beautiful human created for a purpose.

That is why you are one of a kind and there can NEVER be another like you. No-one can speak like you, talk like you, walk like you or smile like you. They can imitate you yes, but it will never be you.

Love yourself and accept who you are because you were wonderfully and fearfully made in the likeness of God.

Also, watch the words that follow your “I am” because as simple as you take it the things you say about yourself will determine the type of life you live. The words that follow your “I am” will not hesitate to come looking for you. Continue reading You are a Masterpiece: what follows “I am”

Lean Your Ladder Against The Right Wall


“All his life a man struggles to reach the top of the ladder, and when finally he does – he discover it’s against the wrong wall!” –UNKNOWN

While trying to reach the top – don’t forget to live. Don’t let your focus be so centered on climbing that ladder while the joys of living pass you by.

Embrace the totality of life because your goals, dreams and aspirations can only add a richness to your life but you cannot depend on them for happiness.

Lean your ladder against the right wall now.

Enjoy your life.





Return To Eden-Trust

It is said that the foundation of every relationship is trust. But have you ever watched the 1983 movie, Return to Eden?

It’s  a very powerful movie that you will want to watch many times. I remember watching it many years ago when I was much younger but last night I happened to watch it again and it was then that I really saw the reality of the word trust.

The full movie can be seen here if you have not watched it before.

In this movie, Stephanie Harper (Rebecca Gilling), displayed courage, strength, and determination. These are some true qualities we all should have. However, it was the betrayal by her husband  Greg Marsden (James Reyne) and best friend Jilly, (Wendy Hughes) that made me stopped to think deeply about the people we trust in our lives and how they can betray us. Continue reading Return To Eden-Trust

Kiss Of Life

Author: Demarggio Rose

Salted wounds, pain falling from her eyes

She uses a blade to cover all her pain and lies

She cries “save me!” from the inside

She hangs by a thread, attached to her soul

She refrained from warmth to adapt to the cold

Driven fears leads her into darkness Continue reading Kiss Of Life