We Can Be Just Like Water

Sometimes there is a special heat within me that only water can cool. Just by watching the way it flows soothingly makes me feel a stillness within me. A stillness I believe I can call peace.

Now, I’m asking you this question:

Why can’t we be like water?


Let me share with you some reasons why I wish we could be like water. You can also add some reasons of your own if you share my sentiments.

  • Water goes around any obstacle that’s in its way. Nothing can stop it from flowing.
  • Water doesn’t stop to argue, it just doesn’t have that time
  • Water goes with the flow, it is adaptable
  • Water is gentle and easy
  • Water has its own kind of power – rocks are worn away by it

This is truly amazing to know that these five features that I have written can be applied to our own lives. Isn’t it?

Just like water we shouldn’t allow any obstacle to prevent us from moving forward. Not at all, we should find ways to go around our obstacles and pursue the desires of our hearts.

Just like water we should not argue, instead we should walk away from arguments. Arguments add no value to our lives so we should avoid them at all cost.

How about going with the flow? Wouldn’t it be nice if we allow our lives to flow easily without complicating it, just like water?

Also, water is gentle and easy, so why can’t we? We should always ensure that we maintain a gentle and easy spirit. People will more likely be drawn to us because of our tender natures. No-one wants to be around a person who is harsh and difficult.

Finally, this morning I told you that “you are not powerless” and I’m telling it to you again. You have your own kind of power just like water. That power is within you. Just search deep down within your soul and you shall find it.




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17 thoughts on “We Can Be Just Like Water”

  1. I love to hear the sound of water. Therefore, I listen. I make it my business to listen as I walk through life in general. I love to talk, and I love to listen to other people to talk, to laugh, to breathe. Water just flows and to me makes beautiful sounds. I love to communicate too. It is my hope that I am filling the world with beautiful sounds…like water!

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