How Do You Wear Your World?


How do you wear your world?

Do you wear it like a girdle that is:

  • tight?
  • hard?
  • rigid?
  • uncomfortable?
  • constricting?

Or is it like a garment that is:

  • loose?
  • free?
  • easy?
  • comfortable?
  • flowing?
  • dancing?

We have heard it over and over that life is a struggle. But I believe that life can only be a struggle to those who allow it to.

Today I am telling you that you can live a beautiful life despite your struggles. Ask yourself what is stopping you from living freely, what is stopping you from waking up and appreciating the abundance of God’s gift to you, what is stopping you from laughing out loudly and what is stopping you from dancing with life.

Take life as it comes…one day at a time and do not be anxious about tomorrow because you do not know if tomorrow will come. Live and dance with the life you see and have today and forget about the things that you cannot control that is happening around you.

That tight fitting girdle that keeps you bounded in distress and heartaches and makes you feel uneasy and restless can be ripped apart right now. Rip it and set yourself free!

Be like this old woman and wear the world just like a loose garment!






23 thoughts on “How Do You Wear Your World?”

    1. Thank you very much. Life should be beautiful and easy at all times but sometimes there are rocks in our paths but we just need to pick them up and throw them away…Have an awesome day.

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  1. I wear my world like laughter…calm one minute, robust the next, then happy. And I start over again and again by finding my smile. Yes, I sometimes have to search for a smile, but I know my world needs to laugh.

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    1. This is so sweet. Can you imagine how pleasant and happy people would be living in a world of laughter?
      Thanks so much for your input, I appreciate it.


      1. Thank you…I know that my answer sounds naïve. However, after we lost our son in a car accident about ten years ago…I learned a lot about myself. First on my agenda was to find my smile again. I had to figure out how to be joyful despite sadness. My husband, our daughter, our friends faced the loss in different ways. For me, a smile can lead to laughter so easily despite worldly obstacles.

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      2. Awww, sorry to hear about your loss and I understand you completely. We have to find our joy especially when tragedy left us with pain. Sometimes it’s hard but we have to be strong and smile through our heartaches and as you said despite worldly obstacles we have to laugh.Thank you so much.

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  2. Good read, thanks Dehan! As I read it I was listening to “Still I Rise” by Yolanda Adams. I am encouraged! I wanted to like it but the ‘like’ button is not there. Is there a reason why?


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