6 Simple Strategies that Will Improve Your Listening Skills

Show respect to others by listening

Your listening skills will be greatly improved if you try these 6 simple strategies.

1.  Expend Energy

Remember that your brain process information very quickly so you have to do whatever is possible to stay focused. Here is what you can do:

  • Keep eye contact
  • Sit up or standup straight
  • Lean Forward
  • Stay relax

Bear in mind that these actions cannot prevent you from being distracted but you will be less distracted if you make a conscious attempt to stay alert rather than slouching, leaning back or closing your eyes.

2.  Take Notes

A great way to avoid faking attention is to take notes. This will reduce your chance of being distracted and you will remember what was said later.

3.  Prepare Yourself

If you know that you are suppose to attend a meeting, a lecture or a presentation prepare yourself. Clear your mind of unnecessary concerns and worries. This can be done by:

  • exercising
  • meditating
  • going to bed early
  • read up in advance

4.  Hear The Speaker Out

Avoid prejudging someone based on appearance or manner. Instead, be open-minded and do not evaluate their strength or weaknesses before they are finish speaking.

5.  Find Value In Every Word

Rather than dwelling on something the speaker said that you disagree with, look for the value in what is being said before forming your own conclusion. Forming negative judgments will deter you from listening effectively.

6.  Listen Analytically

Rather than listening too hard try to focus on the main point of what is being said. Doing so will help you to retain more information and causes less distraction.

We all tend to exhibit bad listening habits but if we try these 6 simple strategies of staying focus we will eventually become more effective listeners.

Additionally, it is very important that we show respect to others by giving them our undivided attention when they are speaking to us. Also, if we want to become great motivators we have to learn to listen.




Source: Confident Public Speaking by Deanna Sellnow


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  1. Thanks Dehan sharing this. I practice no 2 alot which also helps me with nos 4 & 6.
    When I take notes on what is being said, it prevents me from unduly interrupting the speaker, listen more and better etc.


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