6 Bad Listening Habits That Can Prevent You from Listening Effectively

Faking Attention

Six Bad Listening Habits

1.  Becoming Distracted

We are all guilty of this and usually it is one or more of the following that usually distract us:

  • mental – allowing our minds to drift us away
  • physical – feeling of pain, hunger, etc.,
  • visual – something or someone you see that is of interest
  • auditory – a distant music, a siren,  voices, etc.,

2.  Faking Attention

Did you know that there are people who will look you in the eyes, nod at every word you say but still not listening to you? That’s because they are faking it.

Sometimes I do that too because I am not perfect but faking attention is a very bad habit that is disrespectful and will also result in us missing useful information.

3.  Being Unprepared

One out of these 4 things can happen when we are not prepared to listen:

  • We loose concentration
  • Become distracted
  • Cannot understand what is being said
  • Fall asleep

Most times we tend to be unprepared for a meeting, a lecture or even to listen to someone else’s opinion. Because of this we become distracted and loose concentration which is also a very poor listening habit.

4.  Forming An Opinion About Someone Before Listening

We do this all the time. We look at someone and decide that he/she looks boring, too young, too old, too formal, etc.,  Once we tell ourselves these things we are putting up a resistance to listen to what they have to say.

5.  Jumping To Conclusions

The speaker said something that we are not in agreement with, or something we did not like, immediately we start arguing in our minds and jumping to our own conclusions.

6.  Listening Too Hard

Sometimes we overload our brains by trying to listen to every single thing that is being said. When we try so hard we end up losing the main ideas or even forget the information.

So there you have it,  6  bad listening habits that can stop us from listening effectively. However, if we want to be more effective listeners we have to be attentive and listen to others.

How can we do this?

We have to develop strategies that will improve our listening skills and that will also help us to be effective listeners.

Remember again that if we want to learn we have to listen!




Source: Confident Public Speaking by Deanna SellNow








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