Here are 11 Opportunities That Life Has Given To Us

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11 Opportunities Of Life

Sometimes we need to take a moment to reflect and appreciate the opportunities that life has given to us because without these opportunities we could not be the person we are today.

Here are 11 opportunities that life has given to us and we should be grateful for them:

  1. The opportunity to create love
  2. The opportunity to learn
  3. The opportunity to make a choice
  4. The opportunity to do good unto others
  5. The opportunity to make the most of our time.
  6. The opportunity to conduct ourselves with wisdom
  7. The opportunity to serve God
  8. The opportunity to discern right from wrong
  9. The opportunity to do anything as long as it feels right
  10. The opportunity to be an example to others
  11. The opportunity of creating our own opportunities

These are just 11 opportunities that life has given to us. I’m sure you can add more to this list.

Now you can see that we are truly blessed with the life we have. All we need to do is to use these opportunities wisely and be thankful for them.

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