You Should Know When To Walk Away

Woman walking away from argument

You should know when to walk away from people who try to stir up strife just to push you over the limit.

They will provoke and torment you to a point where you feel like exploding.

You are not a BOMB! So, pause! think! and walk away!

Walk away because you cannot allow your tongue to stop you from rising higher.

You cannot allow your tongue to stop you from reaching your true potential.

You cannot allow your emotions to get you into trouble so sometimes it’s best not to say everything that you feel.

People may say that you are a coward but that doesn’t matter, let them talk .

The truth is, if you give in to people who are arrogant and condescending you will eventually be like them.

Harsh words can wound and leave scars for a lifetime.

Don’t allow anyone to irritate or annoy you…just walk away.

Always remember that the strongest person is the one who knows when to walk away.






21 thoughts on “You Should Know When To Walk Away”

    1. Yes Pamela it does. The thing is, we walk away with so many things we want to say but when we think of the consequences and the hurt it may cause we just have to gather the strength and walk away.


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