You are a Masterpiece: what follows “I am”

You Are Not A Mistake

You Are A Masterpiece

Watch the words that follow your “I am” because you are a Masterpiece and you are what God made you to be; a beautiful human created for a purpose.

That is why you are one of a kind and there can NEVER be another like you. No-one can speak like you, talk like you, walk like you or smile like you. They can imitate you yes, but it will never be you.

Love yourself and accept who you are because you were wonderfully and fearfully made in the likeness of God.

Also, watch the words that follow your “I am” because as simple as you take it the things you say about yourself will determine the type of life you live. The words that follow your “I am” will not hesitate to come looking for you.

So do not discredit who you are under no circumstances because when you discredit who you are you are insulting your creator. Not only that, you will be inviting disappointment, struggle, hardship and pain into your life.

Instead, look in the mirror each day and tell yourself these things:

I am awesome

I am  powerful

I am loving

I am beautiful

I am strong

I am focused

I am blessed

I am positive

I am courageous

I am amazing

I am smart


By telling yourself these things you will live a more prosperous and blessed life.

You are not a mistake. You are what God made you to be…a Masterpiece. So accept who you are and make the best of it.


Today is Tuesday June 7, 2016

My wish for you is that your thoughts be positive and free.

I am a Masterpiece











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  1. Great post Dehan. Another reminder that we should appreciate ourselves and the person that God has created us to be. Staying positive is a great motivation. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

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