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It is said that the foundation of every relationship is trust. But have you ever watched the 1983 movie, Return to Eden?

It’s  a very powerful movie that you will want to watch many times. I remember watching it many years ago when I was much younger but last night I happened to watch it again and it was then that I really saw the reality of the word trust.

The full movie can be seen here if you have not watched it before.

In this movie, Stephanie Harper (Rebecca Gilling), displayed courage, strength, and determination. These are some true qualities we all should have. However, it was the betrayal by her husband  Greg Marsden (James Reyne) and best friend Jilly, (Wendy Hughes) that made me stopped to think deeply about the people we trust in our lives and how they can betray us.

What Does It Mean To Trust Someone?

Would you agree that trust is a very important aspect of any relationship? And would you also agree that in order to have a healthy relationship there must be a very high level of trust? So what does trusting someone really means?

Here are 3 things I believe it means:

  • It means that you put your confidence in them
  • You feel physically and emotionally safe with them
  • You believe firmly in everything they say and do

You may have a few meanings of your own. As a matter of fact The Buckets of Trust written by Joshua Travis Vandgrift is a very interesting book as it gives you more definitions and analogies about trust.  I suggest you check it out when you find sometime.

So now that I have established a few meanings of trust, the question now is:

Who Do We Trust?

First and foremost our husbands/ wives/boyfriends/girlfriends are the ones we place our trust in most times. Right or wrong?

They are the ones we tell our secrets and our hearts desires because we believe in them.

In Return To Eden, Stephanie Harper trusted and believed in her husband as well.

Pause for a minute and watched this short video clip below.

Did you see what Greg did to Stephanie? Heartless! Isn’t it?

If you are familiar with the psalms of David you will not be surprised about this high level of betrayal. David stated in Psalm 55 vs 13 that it was his equal, his companion, his close friend, one whom he took counsel with that betrayed him. Also, if I remember well, it was Judas, one of Jesus’ closest companion who betrayed him.

Now, if Stephanie had known that her husband, the one closest to her heart would have thrown her to the crocodile maybe she would not have gone to Eden with him. But how could she have known when she trusted him with all her heart? How could she have known when she taught he loved her as much as she loved him? How could she have known that he would have betrayed her for her wealth and to be with her best friend?

She couldn’t because she was blinded by trust.

You see, the way the world is running today we know not whom to trust. The bible tells us that the arms of men will fail us we dare not trust our own.

But the thing is we cannot live our lives by ourselves. Can we? Sometimes we have to trust in someone or something, but who?

Who can we really trust?

Can we trust our friends? Yes, we can.

But remember, Stephanie and Jilly grew up together and she trusted her with all her heart and what she did? All the time she was jealous of the life Stephanie had which led to her betrayal.

Can we trust our partners? Yes we can.

But remember also that Stephanie trusted Greg with all her heart. She believed in him and she was sure that he wouldn’t cause her any pain or hurt. But what he did? He tried to kill her because of greed.

I agree that we have to trust others if we want to have a life that is filled with joy, contentment, harmony and love. But then again the bible also tells us that “it’s better to trust in the Lord than to put our confidence in men.

Therefore, we should put our trust in God because only he alone is trustworthy.

We should put him first in everything we do and let him lead the way. Putting God first will then allow us to trust our partners and friends fully because he will protect us when they turn against us.

And if you are wondering why we should put our trust in God here are 4 reasons why:

  • He is a protector
  • He will deliver anything he promises
  • He never fails
  • With him we are more than secure

We have to trust others if we want to have a life that is filled with joy, contentment, harmony and love. But the bible also tells us that -it s better to trust in the Lord than to put our confidence in men.-

Finally, who do you believe rescued Stephanie from the crocodile? Do you believe God had her back?

Let me know what you think in the comment box below.

Remember if you haven’t watch Return to Eden before, you can watch it here. It’s a long movie so I suggest you grab your popcorn and wine.







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