Poor People: 5 Awesome Things About Them

I have met many beautiful people throughout my life but the most generous, humble, jovial, courageous and caring ones I have ever met are those that are very poor.

From my encounter with them, I have grown to love and admire their courage and these are 5 awesome things I have learnt about them:

1.  They Are Generous

They find joy in sharing because they know the happiness it brings to receive. They also know and understand how it feels not to have and even though they do not have things in abundance they are quick to share the little they have without hesitation.

2.  They Are Humble

They are not proud or boastful. Instead, they live a humble life and still remain positive about it. They know who they are and are happy with it. Moreover, they give little or no concern about who people think they should be.

3.  They Are Loving

Because they are so humble they tend to have a loving personality. They care about others and will go the extra mile to assist others in any way they can. They do not own much materialistic things but they do possess an ocean of love.

4.  They are Jovial

Most poor people I’ve come across are very friendly, polite and jovial. They do not allow their poorness to take away their sunshine. They smile and always try to extend warmth to others.

5.  They think about Now

They think about now instead of thinking about the future because now is all they have and all they can afford. They  learn to live each day as it comes without worrying what the next day will bring.


Poor people (1)

So there you have it!  The 5 awesome things I have observed and learnt about poor people.

How about you? Have you ever met anyone who was really poor? (apart from me of course) What impression did you form about them? What do you think?

Let me know in the comment box below, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts.



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19 thoughts on “Poor People: 5 Awesome Things About Them”

  1. I like this. I grew up poor and so much rings true for me. One thing that surprised me was that many of these same qualities apply to those who are very rich. Not the ones struggling in the middle, but the ones who have made it and have nothing to prove. Kind, jovial, generous, living in the now. It seems to work on both ends of the spectrum. ❤️

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  2. I was not raised poor, but through circumstances (hubby lost his job) we were thrown into a poor state. Much of this rings true for us. We are perpetually camping to save money and survive. We are ok with that. Its not important as to where we live. What we find important is that we are together and happy!

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  3. The amount of money missing in your pocket doesn’t make you good , bad, kind, or nasty. It is how full your heart is that makes you rich. There are rich good people and poor good people and bad in both groups. I came by way of Jacqueline’s party and I’m jolly glad that I did. 😇😇

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    1. I’m jolly glad you did too…isn’t Jackie’s party a blast?

      Yes, I agree with you…it’s really the fullness of our hearts that make us rich. Thanks for your comment and for visiting.

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  4. I come from a very humble background. We had very little growing up. My sisters and I learned to share from an early age. I can’t speak for my entire family of course, but I would have to agree with what you say in this beautiful post. Even now as an adult, I’ve never forgotten the lessons learned growing up. Among others, I learned not to expect a material reward for everything I did right, as my parents couldn’t afford gifts outside of Christmas. I learned not to take what I now have for granted. I learned that if you want something, you have to work for it. I learned that material things don’t matter, or how many things you’ve managed to acquire. What matters is who you are and the memories you share with the ones you love. In the end, it’s what remains.

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    1. Aww Miss Blondie, this is so sweet and touching…thank you for commenting. Of course all that really matters in the end is the love that was shared. Beautiful indeed….

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  5. Beautifully written.

    Going without sometimes helps you to empathize with others who find themselves in your situation. Your heart is more open to giving to others because you can identify with their pain.

    I have however also met some poor people who have allowed their poverty to get to their minds – they have become so bitter about what their situation and they always find a reason to blame others for their problems.
    Poverty is in the mind, not in the amount of money one has.

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  6. I can resonate to this. Beautifully written I must confess. Reading this kinda reminds me of a simple quote that says, “don’t let your background keep your back on the ground.” I just love this quote. Thanks for sharing this amazing Post.
    Much love, George

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