The Tears of No

I cry in the sunshine because I know that life is beautiful and I can handle my tears

I watched steadfastly with a tightened heart as the coffin was lowered in the ground. The pastor was saying, “ashes to ashes, dust to dust…” I heard him but I was not listening to him. I was listening to the voices in my head that was telling me, “it is over, he is gone, no more smile, he will not call your name anymore…” Somewhere deep within me I felt a pain that hurt so much and the tears started rolling down my cheeks.

I cried tears of no.

Have you ever experienced pain from loosing someone you love? It’s intense, it hurts and you believe that it will last forever.

This is quite natural because we are only human. Moreover, we cannot escape the fact that as human living in an imperfect world it is only natural that we will feel pain, hardships and sufferings.

Furthermore, nothing is wrong with crying; it’s perfectly ok to cry.

But did you know that most times when we cry, we are crying Tears Of NO?

Don’t be surprised! This is what I have learnt from crying my tears of no.

Tears Of No

Firstly, you will realize that in most of my posts I speak about the  Lower Self a lot. This is because it is the part of us that is weighing us down and always make us fearful and hopeless.

Now, when we (I say we because it happens to you too) cry tears of no these are some of the things the lower self is making us believe:

  • that we cannot recover from whatever life has handed to us so we developed the victim mentality.
  • that we cannot embrace pain and weakness with the understanding that they are the flow of life.
  • that we cannot utilize the gifts we have gained from all our painful experiences.
  • that we are angry, frighten, and hopeless.

I’m quite sure that you will agree with me that no matter the amount of tears we cry, sometimes we still do not feel better and the situation does not get resolved. That’s what the tears of no does. Make us cry without hope.

I did exactly that at the scene I mentioned above, my brother’s funeral. I cried because my hope was lost. I was helpless and weak and wanted to lashed out at everyone and everything around me.

But my pain didn’t last for long because God came to my rescue and introduced me to the Tears of Yes.

Tears Of Yes

Did you know that you can cry Tears of Yes also?

The tears of yes comes from our higher self. The higher self  wants us to elevate into a better person so it helps us get rid of the tears of no and turn them into tears of yes.


we cry tears of yes to cleanse our soul and to let go of the pain

These are some of the things the tears of yes made me realized:

  • I understand that pain is part of my life and I can handle it.
  • I will become a stronger and wiser person because of the pain I’m feeling.
  • I understand that I am not the only one going through this, we all are in it together.
  • I can use my painful experiences as a learning experience and also help someone to overcome their own pain.

You see, when life gets difficult or brings us pain we have a choice to say YES or NO. We can say YES and accept whatever it is or say NO, because we are weak and cannot deal with whatever it is.

What will you say?

I would prefer if you say yes because I know how good saying ‘yes’ feels. I have experienced it and have came out a winner because I refused to say no.

It has helped me to move forward and to assist others to heal their own pain. It can help you too.

No matter the hurt, the rejection, the loneliness, the sickness, and the list goes on…saying yes  will make you feel much better and lighter.

Remember that, after a storm there comes a calm and the Most High will never leave you nor forsake you. Through thick and thin he will be by your side.


(this is unedited because I want my thoughts to remain as is)

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  1. I’m sorry for the loss of your brother. I’m happy that you can cry tears of yes. This is a very insightful post, I love your explanation about tears of no and tears of yes. Thank you for sharing that!! 🙂

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  2. Yes, tears also have a language. It says our unspoken words. So, tears release our pain. Enjoyed the words of tears. Very nicely you explained the importance of tears.👍

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  3. I know people here. Cool we go around in the same circles.
    Hi Dehan,
    I read your post. Motivational and inspirational! I will keep your tips in mind.
    Thanks for bringing your post to Blogger’s Pit Stop
    Janice, Your Pit Stop Crew

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