Jealousy: don’t get jealous


Jealousy is a natural emotion and we all get jealous sometime or another


However, we should not allow jealousy to be deeply rooted in our hearts because when it exceeds its limit, it becomes dangerous.

The truth is, wherever jealousy is present there is always chaos and disorderly behavior, and these behavior will drive us crazy if we are not careful.

Therefore, let us resist the temptation of :

  •  comparing ourselves to others
  •  listening to gossips and rumors about our partners or friends
  •  believing that others are better than us
  •  desiring the life of others

Instead, let us be:

  •  loving and kind towards each other
  •  genuine with our complements
  •  happy for our friends with their accomplishments
  •  contented with the life we have

Yes, sometimes it’s beyond our control to avoid being jealous. But having a strong will power to resist the feeling of being jealous will help us overcome.

Finally, do not water the root of jealousy and poison the root of love but rather let us be kind, loving, understanding and appreciative towards everything and everyone.



In response to Jacqueline’s Tuesday Trickles.


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9 thoughts on “Jealousy: don’t get jealous”

  1. Jealousy is a word I’d love to strike from the dictionary. It’s a word I wish I didn’t know. Thankfully, what I do know is the poison it will spread through your body if you allow it to enter your system. Yikes already!

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  2. Everything about jelousy is right on spot here. Quite an extensive Intel, amazingly written. – Cezane

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  3. Yes. Jelousy is sinful sense which occurs when a person lacks another’s superior quality. As you said it is negative teait in ones character. Youv written it well

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