Who Is The Creator Of Our Problems?

to live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. (1)

Would you believe me if I tell you that we are the creator of our own problems?

It is not our families, it is not our friends, and it’s not external forces that create our problems. We are the creator of our own problems.

How Do We Create Our Own Problems?

We create our own problems by turning the little things in life that can be solved easily into worries and struggles.

I remember once I had difficulty paying my car loan and I thought the world would end. I worried myself to the extent that I couldn’t sleep and I became aggravated and miserable simple because I didn’t know how to find a solution.

But it was I who created my own problem. There were choices available to me but I had a problem with all the choices. Firstly, I could have chosen to return the car but then I started thinking about what others would say…another problem. I also could have ask for assistance but I started thinking what if……more problem. So you see, I started creating problems that were not necessary.

Too many times we create our problems by focusing on what other people will think.

We create our problems by thinking too much about things even before they happen.

We create our problems by telling ourselves that there are no solutions and things will remain the way they are.

Overall, the way we think plays a major role in the creation our problems.

The Way We Think

If I knew then, what I know now, I would have never put myself through so much stress and worries. Back then I was allowing my Lower Self which is the part of me that see defeat, frustration, pain, troubles, etc. to control me and bring me into a state of turmoil and mental confusion. This is a state in which negative thinking was in total control of my mind.

But now that I know how to tune into my Higher Self, the part of me which sees solution, happiness, joy, hope, faith, etc., I now look at things in a whole new level. If it was now, I would return that car without second thoughts – problem solve, life goes on.

Life goes on because positive thinking has thought me that. In reality, negative thinking has power but for me positive thinking is more powerful.

LaRayeQuy, a leadership consultant stated in an article that “positive thinking is embracing the reality of a negative outcome in a situation, but continually looking for and finding the positive options that every situation offers.” You can read her entire article here.

How Can We Stop Creating Our Own Problems?

  1. Stop thinking that everything is a problem. Instead look on them as challenges that  can be easily fixed.
  2. Don’t waste energy focusing on things that can be solved easily. Let go of them.
  3. Change our focus if we believe it’s something we can’t handle right away.
  4. Tell ourselves that everything will work out find because it usually does.
  5. Do not search for what is not there. Meaning, we should not feed our brains with negative solutions to bring forth more problems.
  6. Focus on the good in all things.

I bet you can come up with a million other ways in which we create our own problems and ways in which we can solve them. Please don’t hesitate to share them with us.

Finally, Romans chapter 5 vs 3 tells us that we should rejoice when we run into problems because we know that our problems will help us to develop endurance.







11 thoughts on “Who Is The Creator Of Our Problems?”

  1. The word ‘problem’ creates a negative mindset. I prefer to think we have many opportunities every day of our life. We can take advantage of these opportunities.

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  2. Your right on spot once again. This writing opened up new thoughts in me and availed a new angle towards my perspective.Brilliant post! -Cezane

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  3. I agree 🙂 people are the ones who are creating problems in their heads, usually there are many ways to take care of it and stay positive 🙂

    anyway, I would add that it’s important to realize that we create our own problems but we shouldn’t blame yourself or feel guilty…taking responsibility and blaming yourself are two very different things, I think it’s important that we don’t blame ourselves and instead we take it as it is, we always act the best we could…sometimes the best isn’t that good but we should only take responsibility and act on in :))

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