5 Dynamic Ways To Start Your Day


Your Day Can Be Dynamic

Sometimes you wake up feeling lethargic, dispirited and  gloomy. Especially if you have people around you and at your workplace that make you feel miserable and uncomfortable.

Sometimes you just don’t want to face the day. You would rather hide yourself away just to avoid dealing with the all negative forces around you.

But your day does not have to start that way!

You have total control of how your day turns out, so take control.

Here are 5 dynamic ways in which you can do this:

1.  Wake up and smile 

Wake up and smile because…there is magic in your smile!

The first thing you should do when you get out of bed is yawn (I always yawn), stretch, then smile. Not just a simple smile but a big one! And laugh if you want too.

When you laugh you will be simple saying “welcome today, here I am, I am ready!”

Laughter releases stress, and it will also ignites a more positive feeling that will  make you feel energetic and vibrant to face the day.

2.  Greet Everyone You Meet

Now that you have laughed. You should go out, greet everyone you meet and create magic.

Carry that laughter with you as you go throughout the day.

Greet everyone with a warm smile, let your eyes speak laughter and let the positive energy you receive when you woke up radiates in your smile.

You will find that your day runs smoother and you will be better able to cope with your miserable co-workers or the people who make you uncomfortable in a more positive way.

3.  Act Like You Count

Tell yourself you count and act like you count. No matter how small a task may seem your in-put counts.

Take active parts in conversations because your opinions count too. No matter how others may view you, act like you count. Do not tell yourself that you are not good enough. Because you are good enough in your own way.

Don’t let anything stop you from holding your head up high. Imagine you own the world and walk like you own it.

Believe in yourself because if you don’t others will not.

4.  Let Your Words Purify The Atmosphere

Now that you have believed in yourself you will let your words purify the atmosphere. Go out and speak sweet and powerful words.

Words that will heal, help, comfort,soothe and bring happiness to others. Let them see the beauty within you through your words.

Compliment them with truth and beauty. You will be amazed to know what a sweet compliment can do.

Be that light that will transform their dark tunnels into sunshine.

You will not only be doing it for them. You will also be doing it for yourself because the more positive words that come forth from your lips will also uplift your spirit.

5.  Stay Positive

Stay positive in all circumstances. Focus on positive thoughts and move yourself away from anyone who is always thinking negatively. This doesn’t mean you will not be nice to them. You will still try to enhance their day with your positiveness.

Keep closer to people who are lively and encouraging. They are the ones who will make your day worthwhile because they emit positive energy.

Just keep focus, focus, focus. Focus on the good things. If you find your mind wandering shift your focus and think about something that once made you happy.

So, here I have given you 5 dynamic ways to start your day. These are techniques I have used and I have found out that they work. Especially when I wake up and laugh. The laughter spread right through the house and everyone starts laughing as well.

Apply at least one of these and see how your day will turn out.

Can you think of any dynamic ways that I could add to the list? Maybe you have more that will assist me as well. Just write them in the comment box.

And keep on sharing to help others.











10 thoughts on “5 Dynamic Ways To Start Your Day”

  1. when I wake up in the morning I hit the snooze button, which gives me seven minutes to relax and during that seven minutes I always do a mental grateful list. grateful lists help re wire your brain to be more positive, not sure if that’s true or if it’s a placebo but I think it helps, nice list:)

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  2. Good tips, I love the laughter one I’ve never tried that, I’ll try it tomorrow and see how it works. Thanks for this advice. 😊

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  3. These ways if per taken , one may almost be living an ideal though the world pushes us on a squeze at times and we are only able to do a few. We should keep the fight alive to do them all always. Thank you for sharing this. – Cezane

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