FRIENDS – they are out there

If you desire more friends, begin by being a good friend to others

There are truly some very genuine and loving people in this world. I’ve met a few this weekend at Jacqueline’s  and Etta’s blog parties and they were awesome indeed.

By the way, these party are still going on so I would suggest you run over to mix and mingle, meet some new friends, eat, drink and dance!

Here are the party venues:

Jacqueline’s Party

Etta’s Party

Since I’ve started blogging I have met some very wonderful people. People who are genuine, helpful, and encouraging.

In life we cannot stay in our own little corner because “no man is an island”. No, we have to extend our friendship beyond our boundaries because the world is filled with beautiful people.

In this world, you are not alone and you will never be, unless you choose to. You just have to reach out to others and you will be surprised to see the amount of hands that reach out to you.

Remember that in order to have a friend you first have to become one.

Thank you Jackie and Etta for a lovely weekend.

To my new found friends “mi cas es tu casa”(my house is your house).








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