A Taste Of My Love

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I’m Broke…


I borrowed a dollar

To give to the child with the runny nose

Who is crying in the street

Because he has nothing to eat


I borrowed another dollar

To give to the homeless man

That has no pillow

Begging around the corner


One more dollar

To give to the mother

That can’t afford a doctor

For her child that has cancer


The last dollar

I gave to the teenager

To feed her child

That has no father


I know it’s not much

It was just a taste of my love

Now I’m smiling

And my heart is rejoicing


Yesterday’s Word Prompt:  BORROWED



3 thoughts on “A Taste Of My Love”

  1. Very nice…
    Would like to say that people are not only hungry for a piece of bread, but they are hungry for love, homeless are not homeless because of the wasn’t of a room, but they forgotten human touch and care, naked are naked because of lack of dignity and not only for clothes…

    This post is great one:)

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