A crown of glory

Gray hair is a crown of gloryit is gained from livinga Godly life.

Yesterday as I was combing my mother’s hair, I couldn’t help but to snap a picture of her crown of glory.

I had no intention of posting this picture. But something in me keeps telling me that if I love it I should show it.

I pray that I may live to have this crown of glory so that my grand children, great grand children and great great grand children will have the opportunity to snap a picture of my hair one day.

I give thanks to the Almighty for the strength he has given to her and all the mothers and grand mothers out there that has a crown of glory.

May he continue to blessed them with his everlasting love and give them peace continually.

That’s it!



7 thoughts on “A crown of glory”

  1. I read your latest post in awe of your sensibilities. To be in the process of nurturing your beloved Mother, brushing each strain of her crown, while also connecting to the biblical in her grey. Deep. Powerful. Resonate.


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