This Battered Suitcase


This battered suitcase of mine

Has withstand the test of time

Has visited cities and towns

And has definitely been up and down!

To some it may look simple

To others it may seem old and wrinkle

But this battered suitcase of mine

Compartments are well refine!

The compartment of joy, rejoices inside

Because it’s fill with ambition and pride

Love, the happy compartment

Doesn’t accepts any form of unplesantness!

This battered suitcase of mine

Has been tossed about

Pushed here and there

Thrown everywhere

But still it remains unbreakable

And that’s quite remarkable!


Word Prompt: suitcase



They need work to do



They are talking behind your back…so what?

They will always talk and you can’t stop them from talking so ignore them and keep on moving. People with good intentions will talk in front of you and they are the ones you should keep close.

Let the back-talkers stay behind they have no space in your life and shouldn’t be in your life.  Don’t  waste time and energy worrying about what they are saying. Ignore them and keep them talking.

Give them work to do!